Chapter 6

* At Joey's house *

     The music was rockin. The guest were dancin, singing, and having a great time. Sylvia and Julia were laughing as they talked with Lance.

     "Hey Julia, care for a dance?" Joey asked, interrupting their conversation.

     "Sure!" Julia agreed. She excused herself from Sylvia and Lance, and headed towards the middle of the living room.

     "OK." Sylvia started. "Spill."

     "Spill what?" Lance asked confused. Sylvia narrowed her eyes towards Julia. An enormous smile danced her lips as she saw the expression on Lance's face. "Uh... I dunno what you’re talking about." He said, his eyes glued on Julia.

     Sylvia laughed. C'mon Lance! It's only obvious."

     "What is?" He asked. His eyes still on Julia.

     Sylvia laughed again. "Lance, sweetie... It's quite obvious that you’re head over heels for her."

     Lance whipped his head, his eyes wide, as he looked at Sylvia. "Uh... I... I still don't know what you’re talking about," He stuttered.

     "Lance, you can't fool me... I know you too well." Sylvia looked at him. Once again his eyes were back on Julia. "Lance... Just admit it... You like her."

     Lance tore his eyes from Julia and looked at Sylvia. He smiled as he looked at her. "OK... I admit it... I'm definitely head over heels for her." An enormous smile crossed Sylvia's face, as she wrapped Lance in a hug. Lance laughed at Sylvia reaction. He wrapped his arms around her. "Whoa, there sweetie... Don't get too excited." Lance said, still holding her.
     "Why not? This is the best news I've heard." She replied happily.

     "What are you talking about? She probably doesn't even like me like that."

     "I know the answer to that." She said as she pulled away. "She told me that she l--"

     Lance placed his finger on her lips to hush her. "Shhh... Don't tell me."

     Sylvia looked at lance confused. "Why not?" She asked, as he removed his finger.

     "I want to find out myself."

     "Well, that was a lot of fun!" Julia said excitedly, as she returned from her dance with Joey. Once again, Julia and Lance locked eyes with one another.

     Sylvia smiled, as she looked at her two best friends. "I think I'm going to get something to drink." She said, as she got up and walked away, leaving Lance and Julia by themselves.

     "So... How long are you planning to stay in Orlando?" Lance asked. His green eyes staring into hers.

     "Tonight's our last night. She replied sadly.

     Lance's smile faded. "H-- How come?" He asked.

     "We leave tomorrow morning, around 11:30... So, we can be back at school on Monday."

     "Oh, that's right..." He said sadly. "When do you get out for summer vacation?"

     "In about a month... May 29th."

     "That's great! We have to do a show in your hometown on the same day."

     "Really?!?!" Julia replied happily.

     "Yeah... Maybe, when we get into town, I'll give Sylvia a call and we can get together."

     "That would be great!" They both smiled.

     "Hey, you wanna dance?" Lance asked, as she stood up and extended his hand.

     Julia smiled. "Sure, I'd love too!" She placed her hand in his and walked towards the living room.


* The next day ... Back in Atlanta *

     Julia sighed as she walked inside her bedroom. She threw her suitcase and duffel bag on the floor and collapsed on her bed. She sighed heavily, as she closed her eyes. Friday and Saturday seemed like she were in a dream. The sight of her being at Sylvia's Teen People shoot. Being at the On The Line movie premiere and the party... Even... Meeting Lance. A smiled danced on Julia's lips as she thought about Lance. His sweet smile, his lips, his gorgeous green eyes just brought an irresistible smile to her face. Everything about him was perfect... Heaven's perfect angel.

     She opened her eyes and looked over at her clock. 8:45 PM it read. "I better get some rest for school tomorrow." She said.

     She got under her covers and turned off her lamp. She closed her eyes, as she thought about Friday and Saturday's events.

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