Chapter 5

* After the party *

     "Well, that was a lot of fun!" Lance said as he walked Sylvia and Julia to their limo.

     "Yes, indeed! Geez Lance, I never knew how well you can dance. You sure as hell shut me up." Sylvia smiled.

     "Yeah, well I tend to keep a lot of stuff to myself ... No one knows the real me ... Well, besides you Sylvia, no one else knows."

     "Correction ... She doesn't know one little thing about you ..." Julia said.

     "And that is?"

     "You’re dancing ... Besides all the choreography that they've taught you with NSync, she just realize what an incredible dancer you really are." Julia replied proudly.

     Lance laughed. "Yep, you're right." He smiled.

     Sylvia smiled as she looked at her two best friends. The way Julia and Lance look at each other, brought an irresistible smile to her face, but her thoughts were interrupted as she heard someone's name being called.

     "Yo Lance!"

     Lance turned as he saw Justin walking towards them.

     "Hey man, you coming or what?"

     Lance nodded. "Yeah ... But first, let me introduce you ... Justin this is Julia, Julia this is Justin."

     "Hey, nice to meet you." Justin said, shaking her hand.

     Julia smiled as she returned the hand shake.

     "And this is Sylvia ... One of my very good friends ... Sylvia, Justin ... Justin, Sylvia."

     Justin's smiled widen as his eyes set upon Sylvia.

     "Hi ... Nice to meet you Justin." Sylvia said, as she went to shake his hand.

     "It's an extremely great pleasure to meet you." Justin smiled, never taking his eyes off her.

     "Say... You ladies wanna join us?" Lance asked.

     "Depends on what the occasion is ..."

     "It's a little private party for Joey and Lance ..." Justin said.

     "But didn't you guys just have one for them?" Julia asked.

     "Yeah, but this one is just for our family and friends. No other celebrities ... Well, besides you Sylvia," he smiled.

     "Oh." Both girls said.

     "So what do you say ladies? Will join us?"

     Sylvia smiled. "Sure, we'd love to!" Her eyes never leaving Justin.

     Justin flashed his million dollar smile at Sylvia. His eyes lighting up after hearing her approval.

     "Great!" Lance said happily.

     "We're just gonna go back to the hotel first."

     "What for?"

     "So, we can dress into something a little less formal."

     Lance laughed. "OK, I'll see you ladies there. You remember where Joey lives right Sylvia?"

     She nodded.

     "OK, see you then ..."

     Both girls smiled, as they turned and got into the limo.


* At the hotel *

     "Sylvia ... Do we have to go to Joey's house?" Julia asked, as she finished tying the strap on her shoe.

     "Ah, c'mon Julz ... You know you wanna go." Sylvia called from the bathroom.

     "Um ... What makes you say that?" Trying not to make it obvious that she really wanted to go.

     "You wanna go because you wanna see Lance again." she said, with a smug smile.

     Julia gasped. "No."

     Sylvia laughed as she walked out of the bathroom.

     Julia rolled her eyes and smiled. "OK, OK ... You got me." she finally admitted.

     Sylvia smiled. "Ha! I knew it."

     "I bet you agreed to go, because you wanna see Justin."

     Sylvia's head shot up like a bullet after hearing Julia's sentence. Julia laughed as she saw the expression on Sylvia's young face.

     "I saw the way you two were looking at each other." Julia said.

     "Uh huh ... Just the same way you and Lance were looking at each other." Sylvia said, matter-of-factly.

     "OK, OK you got me again." Julia admitted.

     "Well, girl... Let's go!" Sylvia said, as she and Julia walked out of their hotel room. <%=title%>

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