Chapter 4

* Saturday 5:45 pm *

     "Hey Sylvia, what do you think about this color?"

     Sylvia turned around on her seat and focused on the lip color being placed on Julia's lips.

     The make-up artist stepped away from Julia, so Sylvia could a better look.

     "Hey that's nice, what color is that?"

     "Light plum." Said Meg, the make-up artist.

     "Oh yeah... Be sure to put that color on me." Sylvia said. "Good pick, it goes perfect with the color of your dress... Nice work Meg."

     Meg smiled, as she finished putting on the lip liner on Julia's lips.

     "Alright... Sylvia you're next." Meg yelled, as Sylvia switched seats with Julia.

     The girls only had an hour and a half, to finish getting ready for tonight's movie premiere.


* In the limo 6:50 pm *

     "Julia calm down... I've never seen you so nervous."

     "Sorry... I just feel weird going to a place were so many famous people are going to be."

     Sylvia laughed. "Juls, don't worry, you'll be fine... Just be yourself... Just think of all those famous people as normal people, like you and me... I mean, just because they got the looks, the money, and the popularity, doesn't mean that we act like Queens or Kings... I mean, sure we live in nice big houses and drive fancy cars, but... We're just the normal people we used to be, even before all this luxury."

     Julia smiled. Sylvia always knew what to say, to make someone feel comfortable.



     "Hey Sylvia, what's up!"

     "Hey Lance, how you doing?"

     Julia's eyes lit up as soon as Sylvia mentioned Lance's name.

     "I'm cool... Hey are you coming to the premiere?"

     "Of course! I wouldn't miss it for the world... And besides, I have to be there."

     "Great! Alright, sweetie I'll see you there."

     "K, bye!"

     Sylvia turned off her cell phone and looked over at Julia, who seemed to have a surprised, yet happy look on her face.

     "What?" Sylvia asked confused.

     "I... uh... n.... nothing." Julia replied, as she looked out the window.

     Sylvia smiled, as an idea came to her head.


* At the party *

     "Oh my gosh. The movie was sensational!" Julia said.

     "Oh yes, definitely! I have to agree with you... I remember when I went one day when they were filming... Lance had to kiss the girl that day."

     Sylvia stopped, as she looked over at Julia. She smiled, as she saw a hint of jealousy in Julia's eyes.

     Sylvia laughed. "You should have seen him... He wanted to get a double to do that part that day... He couldn't do it!"

     "Did they get a double?"

     "Na... He had to do it."


     They reached the door and opened it. Julia's eyes instantly lit up as they walked inside the enormous room.

     The loud music echoed through their hears as Julia stayed close behind Sylvia, her eyes still examining the entire room.


     Julia turned around. Her mouth nearly dropped to the floor when she saw a young, tall, blonde man walking up to them.

     "Lance! Hey cutie!" Sylvia said, as she walked up to him, giving him a hug.

     "Hey sweetie, how you've been?"

     "Good, how bout yourself?" She asked, as she released from his embrace.

     "Great... Been missin' ya a whole lot."

     Sylvia laughed. "I've missed you too."

     "Sylvia, VH1 wants to interview you. Let's go." Said Sylvia's agent.

     "I'm sorry Juls, I have to take care of this. I'll be back in a few minutes... I'm going to leave you with Lance."

     "With Lance?"

     "Yes, silly girl... Lance!"

     "Yeah sweetie, what's up?"

     "Lance this is Julia, Julia this is Lance."

     "Hi!" They both said, shaking hands.

     "SYLVIA!" Yelled her agent.

     "Ok, I'll be right back... Julia, you're in good hands okay?"

     Julia nodded in agreement.

     "Alright... Be right back." She said and walked away.

     Lance smiled, as his eyes set upon Julia.

     "So... Mind if I show you around?"


     Lance took Julia's arm and lopped it with his.

     "First, I'm going to introduce you to the guys."

     Julia nodded as she followed Lance.

     "Hey Joey!"

     Joey turned around, after hearing his name called.

     "Joey, I'd like you to meet Julia."

     "Hi, nice to meet you." Joey said, shaking her hand.

     "The pleasure's all mine." She replied.

     Lance, spent the past couple of minutes introducing Julia to the members of NSync. After they were done, they went to the other side of the room, where Sylvia was just finishing her interview with VH1.

     "Hey Sylvia!"

     "Hey Juls! Having fun?"



     Lance laughed... "C'mon ladies, let's have some real fun!"

     All 3 laughed, as they headed towards the dance floor. <%=title%>

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