Chapter 3

* Friday morning ... 6:30 am *

     Julia sighed as she sat quietly on her bed, looking at all of her surroundings in her room. During the whole night, she debated on whether or not she should attend the movie premiere going on in Orlando with Sylvia. Asking herself over and over again if someone like herself, should go to a special event like that. An event where so many famous people will attend. Her friend Sylvia included.

     She stood up, and walked quietly out of her room, with her suitcase in one hand and her duffel bag in another.

     Julia opened the front door, as she saw a white limo drive up to the curve. She closed the door and locked it, as the young chauffeur helped her with her suitcase.

     "Morning Juls!" Sylvia said, stepping out of the car.

     "Morning!" Julia replied.

     "Here let me help you with that." Sylvia grabbed Julia's duffel bag and placed it inside the car. "Hop in!" She insisted.

     Julia smiled as she jumped inside, collapsing on the long black seat.

     Sylvia laughed. "I didn't actually mean for you to HOP in. Silly girl!"

     Julia laughed, as Sylvia sat down and closed the door, as they headed towards the airport.

* In the plane *

     "Breakfast ladies?" The flight attendant asked, as she entered the first class area.

     "Yes, please." Julia said, as the young lady placed the tray in front of Julia's hungry eyes.

     "Miss Glover?"

     "A glass of orange juice please."

     "Is that all?"

     Sylvia nodded her head, as the lady handed her the glass and strolled away.

     "A glass of orange juice?"

     "What?" Sylvia asked, as she took a sip of her drink.

     "Is that all you're going to have?"

     "Yes... Gotta stay healthy and fit." Sylvia giggled.

     "Silly girl!" Julia laughed. "So tell me... What's the first thing we're going to do when we get there?"

     "Well, let's see... First, go to the hotel, check-in, then I have to leave for the shoot."

     "And what about me?"

     "If you want, you can come with me to the shoot... I already talked to McDonald, he said it was alright."

     "Cool cool... And when's that movie party thing?"

     "That's on Saturday, at 7:00 PM."

     "OK, just checking... Oh by the way... Who's the movie party for?"

     "Two of my friends, that I met a few months ago, during my Victoria Secret shoot."


     "Joey and Lance."

     Julia's mouth dropped open in shock. "Duh-- Di-- Did you say Joey and Lance?" She stuttered.

     "Uh huh."

     "Oh boy... Oh man... Oh no..."

     "Julia what's wrong?"

     "Oh... I'm not sure I want to go to this party thing anymore."

     "Ohhhh.... Julia gots the hots for someone!"

     "Me? No way... What are talking about?"

     Sylvia laughed. "C'mon Julia... Don't lie."

     "I'm not lying... I swear." Her face began turning a bright shade a red.

     Sylvia laughed harder. "Julia, stop lying... You were never good at that... And you still aren't till this point."

     Julia blushed.

     "Juls, don't worry... Everything is going to go fine."

     Julia smiled. "Okay... I believe you."

     "Good!" Sylvia smiled back.

     Both girls laughed as they finished their breakfast and drinks.


* Later that day in Orlando *

     Julia smiled as she watched Sylvia pose for the last picture.

     She clapped as Sylvia walked off the set.

     "Dang girl, you looked so beautiful!"

     "Aw thanks hun!"

     "So, where are we going now?" Julia asked, as she and Sylvia walked out of the building.

     "Go back to the hotel... Sleep and wait for tomorrow..."

     Julia nodded, as she and Sylvia stepped into the limo and headed back towards the hotel.

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