Chapter 24

"Miss Davis?"

Julia opened her eyes, clear tears falling down her cheeks. She looked at the priest.

"Miss Davis, we're waiting for your answer."

She slowly began to cry, as she looked at Lance. "I.... I..... I'm sorry... I can't." She cried, as she ran out the church. Everyone began talking frantically, as the bride ran out of the church.

"Julia!!!!" Lance cried, as he started to run after her. Sylvia grabbed his arm to stop him.  "Lance, stay here... I'll go talk to Julia." She said, as she quickly walked out of the church.

Lance sighed, as he sat down next to Justin. "Why Justin. Why did she leave me?"

Justin sighed, as he held his son in his arms. "Well, there's only one logical reason."

"And what is that?"

Justin cleared his throat as he pointed towards the back. Lance looked up. An angry expression across his face as he looked at Ashley.


"Julia! Wait up!" Sylvia yelled, as she ran outside.

Julia stopped in front of the limo. She turned and looked at Sylvia. Tears streaking down her face.

"Julia... What happened?"

"I... I just couldn't." She sobbed.

"You couldn't what?"

"I just couldn't let Lance get married, when he wasn't going to be able see his daughter ever again."

"Oh Julia." Sylvia said, as hugged her. "That's why you did it?"

Julia nodded. "Yeah." She wiped her eyes and looked at Sylvia. "Lance told me, that Ashley had told him, if he married me Lance wouldn't see his daughter ever again...  He said that he didn't care... That he was still going to marry me... That he would rather not see his daughter again then not marry the women that he loves.... I knew he didn't mean it... I know he can't live without his daughter... I know I couldn't...."

Sylvia stood frozen as she looked at Julia in surprise. "W-What did you just say?"

Julia quickly wiped her eyes. "Um-Uh-I-Well..." She stuttered.

"Julia are you trying to tell me that...."

Julia eyes quickly brimmed with tears. "Yes." She said softly.

Sylvia covered her mouth with her hand. "Oh my god Julia... Why didn't you say anything?"

"I dunno... It's just that..." She sighed, as she cried softly.”Everything is just so screwed up right now.... I didn't think it was the right time to say it."

"Does Lance know at least?"

She shook her head, as she started to cry. "No."

Sylvia sighed. "Julia you need to tell him... Maybe you, he, and Ashley can work something out."

Julia nodded.

"How long have you been hiding this?"

"About a month and a half."

Sylvia shook her head. "Ok, I think it's time to tell Lance." Julia nodded. She quickly wiped her eyes as she and Sylvia walked back to the church.


"Excuse me... Mr. Bass... May I have a word with you?" The priest asked.

Lance nodded, as he followed the priest up to the podium. "Yes, father."

"Is the wedding still going to go on?"

Lance shook his head. "I don't know father... My friend just went out to talk to her... Maybe she'll convi---" He began to say, as he saw Julia and Sylvia walk back inside the church. "Excuse me father." Lance said, as he quickly ran up to Julia and Sylvia. "Julia?" He said softly.

Julia smiled. Her eyes brimming with tears. Without notice, she wrapped her arms around Lance's neck. Lance hugged her back, his eyes brimming with tears. "I'm sorry Lance."

Lance loosened the embrace and looked at Julia... "Shh... It's ok... Don't worry about it." He cupped her chin and kissed her lips. "Are we still getting married?" He asked, hopefully.

Julia sighed. "Well, that all depends..."

"On what?"

Julia narrowed her eyes as she looked over Lance's shoulder. Lance looked over his shoulder and saw Ashley standing behind him. Allison in her arms. "Hello Lance."

Lance stepped behind Julia, wrapping his arm around her waist. Julia sighed, as she looked at Ashley. "Hello Ashley." She said.

Ashley smiled. "Hi." She said. "So Lance... What are you going to do?"

"Well, I--" He began but Julia squeezed his hand tightly.

"I'll tell you what his going to do..." Julia began. "Lance and I are going to get married right now... And he's still going to see his daughter as often as he likes."

Ashley looked at Lance, then back at Julia. She smiled. "Well, now that I heard your part, it's time to hear Lance's..." She said, as she looked at Lance. "Well, Lance? What's your decision?"

Lance smiled. "The same as Julia's.... I'm still going to get married and I'm still going to see Allison."

Ashley smiled. "Ok... That's fine with me."

They looked at her in surprise. "Really?"

She nodded. "Yeah... I realized that you two can do whatever you want and I shouldn't bring my daughter, well our daughter into this."

Julia smiled. "So, friends?"

Ashley laughed. "Friends." She said, as they both gave each other a hug.

Lance smiled, as he yelled. "THE WEDDING IS STILL ON!"

Everyone cheered, as Julia and Lance walked to the front of the church. Everyone quieted down, as the priest started the ceremony again. "Do you, Lance, take Julia to be lawful wedded wife? For richer or for poorer, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, as long as you both shall live?"

"I do."

"And do you Julia; take Lance to be your lawful wedded husband? For richer or for poorer, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, as long as you both shall live?"

"I do."

They gave each other their rings and said their vows. Then the priest said. "I know pronounce you, husband and wife. You may kiss the bride." Everyone clapped and cheered, as Lance and Julia shared their eternal kiss. The pulled apart as they walked out of church and into their limo.


* Back at the house *

Everyone laughed and danced as they partied throughout the night at Lance and Julia's house. After the cake was cut and passed out. Everyone decided that the bride and groom should have a spotlight dance. Alone. Lance and Julia smiled, as they walked onto the dance floor. Lance smiled, as held his hand out. "Mrs. Bass."  Julia smiled, laughing slightly as she placed her hand in his. They slowly started swaying back and forth as the song started.

"Girl, it's been a long, long time comin' But I, I know that it's been worth the wait It feels like springtime in winter It feels like Christmas in June It feels like heaven has opened up its gates for me and you"

Lance smiled, as he looked at Julia. Her green eyes looking back into his. "God I love you." He said. Julia smiled as she looked at him. "I love you too."

"And every time I close my eyes I thank the lord that I've got you And you've got me too And every time I think of it I pinch myself 'cause I don't believe it's true That someone like you Loves me too"

"For a minute, I thought I lost you... When I saw you run out of the church, I thought that my life was through... I thought I wasn't going to see you ever again..."

"And now?"

Lance smiled. "I'm glad you decided to come back... Because, now I know how much you love me... And you know what?"


"I love you too."

"Girl, I think that you're truly somethin' And you're, you're every bit of a dream come true With you baby, it never rains and it's no wonder The sun always shines when I'm near you It's just a blessing that I have found somebody like you."


"Yes baby?"

"There's something I need you to tell you... Something that I've been hiding for quite something now."

"What is it?"

"nd every time I close my eyes I thank the lord that I've got you And you've got me too And every time I think of it I pinch myself 'cause I don't believe it's true That someone like you Loves me too"

"What is it?" He insisted.

"To think of all the nights I've cried myself to sleep You really oughtta know How much you mean to me It's only right that you be in my life right here with me Oh baby, baby"

Julia smiled, as looked at him. "You’re going to be daddy."

Lance's mouth dropped opened. He smiled widely. "I am?"

Julia shook her head. "Yup... A baby boy."

Lance gasped happily, as he held Julia tight in his arms. "I love you Julia."

"I love you too Lance." She said, as they both kissed passionately, as everyone cheered. The music in the background still playing. After so many secrets that were being hidden, everything seemed to turn out just fine.

And every time I close my eyes I thank the lord that I've got you And you've got me too And every time I think of it I pinch myself 'cause I don't believe it's true That someone like you Loves me too ---------------------------------

* 5 years later *

Lance laughed as he ran down the hallway of his 2 story mansion. He ran past the kitchen and out to the backyard. He stopped by the swing set and turned around. "Come here you." He said, as James ran up to him. "Gotcha ya!" He said, as he swung around in his arms. James laughed, as Lance spinned him around. He finally stopped and walked over to the slide, placing James at the top. He walked towards the end and waited for James to come down. A smile tipped Lance's lips, as he looked at James. His brown hair flying everywhere, as the wind blew. His green eyes shining brightly. James smiled, as he went down the slide. "C'mon James, let's go sit down on the swing." Lance said, as they walked to the swing. Lance sat James on the swing, as he sat down on the ground in front of him, pushing him softly.


"Yes son?"

"I love you."

Lance laughed. "I love you too James." He said, as he smiled at his 4 year old son.

"Are you two done playing around?" Julia laughed, as she walked out into the backyard.

Lance smiled, as he picked up James in his arms and walked towards Julia. "Hey honey." Lance said, as he kissed Julia on the lips.

"I wanna kiss mommy too." He cried. Both Julia and Lance laughed. Julia leaned forward and placed a quick peck on her son's lips.

"There you happy now?" She laughed.

"Yes..." He replied happily.

"Hey James, guess who's here to see you?"

James smiled, he knew who it was. "Auntie Sylvia and Uncle Justin?"

Julia laughed. "Yes sir."

James clapped his hands. Lance laughed, as he set him down. James cried happily as he ran up to Justin and Sylvia. "Auntie Sylvia!!!" He yelled.

Sylvia laughed, as she lifted James in her arms. "Hey sweetie, how you doing?" She said, placing a kiss on his small forehead.

"Hey buddy!" Justin said, as he lifted him up in his strong arms. "Guess who we brought?"

"Justy Jr?"

Justin nodded. "That's right." He put him down. "Junior come here." Justin called his 5 year old son.

Justin Jr. came running outside. "Yes daddy?"

"Go play with James."

Junior nodded, as he and James ran towards the swing set. Justin and Sylvia laughed, as they walked towards the picnic table where Julia and Lance were sitting. They sat down and started talking. "So, you two... How are things going?" Sylvia asked.

Lance smiled. "Things are great! I couldn't be more happier."

"Hello?!?!" Lance, Julia, Sylvia, and Justin turned. They looked at the house to see who it was.

Julia and Lance smiled. "Hi Ashley, come on in." Julia said, as Ashley walked towards them, a 10 year old Allison behind her.

"Hey Allison." Julia smiled.

"Hi Julia." She said, as she and Ashley took a seat on the table. "Hi Dad." Lance smiled. "Hey sweetie." He said, as he planted a soft kiss on her forehead. "Why don't you go play with your half brother and Justin Jr." He suggested.

Allison smiled, as she went with Justin Jr. and James by the swing set. "So, how ya'll doing today?" Ashley asked.

Lance and Julia smiled. "Great actually."

"Sylvia? Justin?"

"Things are great! About you?"

"Things are great! Allison was on A Honor Roll this year."

"Really? WOW!!! She's a smart girl." Sylvia said.

Ashley smiled. "Yes she is... Her father and step-father are very proud of her." She said, as she smiled at Lance.

"Hey, by the way where's Paul?" Justin asked. Mentioning Ashley's husband.

"Oh, he should be here any minute... He stopped by the store to buy some drinks."

"Hey everyone!!"

"Speaking of the devil." Julia said, as the others laughed. They turned as they saw Paul, Ashley's husband and the rest of the guys walking outside, with drinks. They all settled down on the table.

"Well, here we are guys... 5 years have past and everything seems to be going rather well." JC said, as he took a sip of his beer.

"Your telling me... Julia and Lance's son James is already 4... Lance and Ashley's daughter, Allison is already 10... Sylvia and Justin's son, Justin Jr. is already 5... Joey and Kelly's daughter, Brianna is already 6.... JC and Chrissy's daughter, Jenny is already 3... And mine and Michelle's daughter, Alicia is already 2....My how kids grow up so fast." Chris said, as he drank his beer. Everyone laughed.

"So, are we expecting anymore kids?" Justin asked.

Julia and Lance smiled. "Well.... Actually we are." Julia smiled. "It's going to be a girl."

Everyone clapped.

"How about you Ashley?"

"Ashley laughed; I have something to show you guys..." She said, as she stood up and slightly lifted her shirt. Revealing her 5 month stomach. "It's going to be another girl." Paul said. Everyone clapped.

"Joey, Kelly?"

"No, no, not at the moment."

"About you Sylvia?"

"No, no baby yet." Justin said.

Sylvia smiled, as she cleared her throat. "Well..." Justin's eyes went wide as he looked at his wife.

"Well, what?"

"I'm 3 months pregnant." She said quietly.

Justin's mouth dropped open. "And you didn't tell me anything?"

Sylvia smiled. "Sorry."

"Is it a boy or a girl?" Ashley asked.

"It's going to be a girl."

Justin smiled, as wrapped his arms around Sylvia, planting a kiss on her lips. Everyone clapped.

They all smiled and laughed, as they watched Allison, James, and Justin Jr. play by the swing set with JC, Chris, and Joey's kids. After the long secret that Lance kept from Julia, everything seemed to work out fine. Each one of the NSync members were married. Even Ashley, Lance's ex-girlfriend.

Joey and his wife Kelly are still married with their 6 year old daughter Brianna.

Chris and Michelle were married 3 years ago. They have a 2 year old daughter named Alicia.

JC and Chrissy were wed 4 years ago. Their daughter Jenny is 3 years old.

Justin and his wife Sylvia are still happily married. With their son Justin Jr. who's 5. And a baby girl on the way. Sylvia is still a famous model, known all around the world.

Ashley and Paul were wed last year. Both are very happy and Allison lives with them. She is now, 10 years old. And another baby girl on the way.

Julia and Lance are still happily married and they had a beautiful 4 year old boy named James Bass Jr. The three are happy together and expecting another member of the family. A baby girl. Later on in the year... Julia is still a singer; she is currently working on her 5th album.

Lance, Justin, Chris, JC, and Joey are still in the group NSync. They have made over 9 albums and they are currently working on their 10th album. Lance got to see his daughter Allison as often as he likes, both are very close to one another. Everyone became friends and everyone is extremely happy. I guess Lance and Julia thought that everything will always turn out right, even if you have, A Long Kept Secret...

The End <%=title%>

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