Chapter 22

Justin stood frozen in his stance as the words that Sylvia said, settled in. He didn't know what to say; too many things were racing through his mind.† His blue eyes looking intensively at his wife. "Wha-What did you just say?"

Sylvia sighed. Swallowing the knot forming inside her throat. "Y-Your going to-be a-daddy." She stumbled over her own words.

"A-a dad?"

Sylvia nodded, her eyes starting to quickly brimming with tears.

Justin looked down. He sighed; a slight laughed escaping his lips. He looked up again; his beautiful sapphires brimmed with tears. Within a second, he wrapped his arms around Sylvia, lifting her gently off the ground. "Oh my god... I can't believe it... I'm going to be a dad." He said happily. Sylvia smiled, tears running slowly down her flushed cheeks. "Oh baby, this is the best news I ever heard."

Julia sighed happily, as she watched them. She laughed slightly. "See Sylvia and you thought Justin was going to be upset."

Sylvia smiled, as she looked at Julia. Justin laughed. "Why did you think I was going to be upset?"

"I dunno, I just thought you weren't ready to be a father yet, that's all."

Justin laughed. "Silly girl." He said, and placed a soft kiss on her lips.

Lance clapped his hands. "All right, well now that we've heard the good news, let's call the other guys and their girls and letís go celebrate." He suggested. They all agreed, as they called up the other guys, got ready and headed out the house.


* 5 months later. The VMA's *

The lights on the cameras were flashing. The reporters shooting millions of questions as the celebrities made their down the red carpet at the entrance of Radio City Music Hall. Quickly the reporters rushed towards NSync as they walked down the isle. They rushed their way towards JC and his girlfriend Chrissy.

"JC, how's the relationship going?" A male reporter asked.

JC smiled, as he looked at the camera. "It's going great. I couldn't be happier." He said, as he continued his way down the isle.

A young female reporter walked up the Joey and his wife Kelly. The media were aware of his marriage and new daughter. "Joey, how's married life? How's your daughter?"

"Married life is great and as for our daughter. We couldn't ask for anything better."

Chris and his girlfriend Michelle passed the questions being asked and continued walking. Finally came Justin and Sylvia. Right behind them, Justin's mother Lynn Harless. Sushin Pak, from MTV News came up to them. "Justin, Sylvia may we ask you two a couple of questions?"

Justin and Sylvia smiled, as they stopped in front of the camera. "Justin, how's married life?"

Justin smiled. "It's going absolutely great. I couldn't ask for a much better wife than Sylvia Glover." He said, wrapping his arm around her waist a little tighter.

Sushin smiled. Her eyes quickly looked down at Sylvia's big stomach, sticking out†beneath her dress. "So, I see we'll be hearing the pitter patter of little feet I see."

Justin and Sylvia laughed slightly. Justin smiled, as he gently placed his hand on top of her stomach. "Yup... I couldn't be happier."

Sushin smiled. "Have you all figured out what it's going to be?"

Sylvia smiled. "Yes... It's going to be a boy."

Sushin smiled. "Well, we wish you both the best of luck for your marriage and upcoming son."

"Thanks." They both said, and continued their way towards the entrance.


Everyone cheered, as NSync and Nelly Furtado made their way to the podium. "How's everyone doing tonight?" Everyone cheered. Justin laughed. "All right, well we're here to present tonight's award for Best Female Album."

Alicia smiled. "And the nominees are..." Everyone remained silent as the nominees played through the oversized screen.

"The nominees for Best Female Album...."

"Alicia Keys... Songs In A Minor."

"Jennifer Lopez... J-Lo."

"Britney Spears... Britney."

"Julia Davis... One Love."

Everyone clapped and cheered, as the cameras went back to NSync and Nelly Furtado.... Nelly smiled, as she opened the envelope. "And the award goes to..... Julia Davis, One Love!!!" Everyone cheered, as Julia stood up from her seat. She looked over at Sylvia, giving her hug. Julia smiled, as she made her way towards the podium. She smiled, as Nelly handed her the moon man. She gave her hug and then up to the NSync guys. She reached Lance, as he planted a kiss on her lips. Everyone oooh and awed. Julia laughed, as she walked up to the podium. "Wow." She said, as everyone in the auditorium cheered again. "First off, I'd like to thank my family... Thank you for always being there for me. To Sylvia Glover... Thanks for being such a great friend and always being there for me through the good times and the bad even during our high school years... To the wonderful guys of NSync..." Everyone cheered. "Thanks you guys for being there for me when I began my career... Thanks for being such wonderful friends. You and Sylvia... To my boyfriend, well... Finance Lance... She smiled, as she held his hand. "I love you baby.... And I would especially like to thanks... The fans... Because without you guys, I'd be nothing... Thank you." Everyone cheered, as Nelly, NSync, and Julia made their way backstage, as the show went into a commercial.


"Please welcome.... Britney Spears and Super model, Sylvia Glover." Everyone clapped and cheered, as Britney and Sylvia walked out. "Hey hey, how ya'll doing tonight?" Britney said, as the crowd went wild. She laughed. "And would you look at this..." She said, patting Sylvia's stomach gently. "5 months pregnant... Gosh she's big." Everyone in the audience giggled. Sylvia laughed. "All right, we're tonight to present the nominees for Best Duo."

Britney smiled. "And the nominees are...."

"The nominees for Best Duo...."

"Ain't It Funny... J-Lo, featuring Ja Rule."

"Where You Are... Jessica Simpson, featuring Nick Lachey."

"Nobody Wants To Be Lonely... Ricky Martin, featuring Christina Aguilera."

"True Love... Julia Davis, featuring Lance Bass."

Everyone clapped. Sylvia smiled, as she spoke into the mic. "And the award goes to....." She opened the envelope. An enormous smile spread across her face, as she and Britney yelled into the mic. "JULIA DAVIS AND LANCE BASS! TRUE LOVE!!" Everyone cheered, as Julia and Lance stood up from their seats. Julia hug Britney, Lance right after her, as he grabbed the moon man. Julia laughed slightly as she nearly ran up to Sylvia, wrapping her in a hug. They both laughed, as Julia walked up to the podium. Lance smiled, as he gave Sylvia a hug and stood next to Julia. "Well, what's there to say....First off, we'd like to thank our families, for always being there for us. Our producers, writers, Jive Records. NSync and Sylvia, thanks for being good friends. And especially, thanks to our fans.... You guys are the reason why we're here." Everyone cheered, as they walked backstage.


* One week later *


Ashley sighed, as she walked into the living of her two bedroom apartment. "What is it Allison?"

A little girl with light brown, shoulder length hair and beautiful green eyes looked up from the television. "Mommy, is that daddy on TV?" She asked, as she looked back at the television. Ashley looked at the screen. It was Lance and Julia's video playing on MTV. It ended, as Carson came on the screen, alright that's was our number 2 video, True Love, by Julia Davis, featuring her fiancť NSyncís Lance Bass."

Allison turned off the TV and looked at her mother. "Was that daddy?"

Ashley sighed, as she sat next to her 4 year old daughter. "Yes, Alli that's your daddy." She said, as Allison sat on her lap.

"When we I see daddy again?" She said sadly.

Ashley sighed. As she thought about what Carson said on TV... Lance and Julia Davis were getting married. Suddenly, an enormous smile spread across her face. "Soon sweetie. Hopefully soon."

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