Chapter 20

Sylvia sat shock in her seat; her eyes moving back and forth, looking at Justin and back at the ring in between his fingers. She smiled widely, as her eyes began to brim with tears of happiness and joy. "Yes... Yes Justin, I'll marry you."

Justin smiled widely as he placed the ring on her ring finger. He stood up, lifting up Sylvia from the couch and spinning her around in circles. The others cheered, as another member of the group was getting married.

"Yeah, congrats J!" Lance said, as he gave Justin a friendly hug.

"Yo, congrats buddy!" JC said, as he too hugged Justin. The others, including Julia congratulated Justin and Sylvia's engagement.

"Hey, Justin, you better treat her right, or else I'll get after your small ass." Lance said, laughing at the same time.

Justin laughed, as he walked up behind Sylvia, wrapping his arms around her waist. "Hey, don't worry man. She's everything to me." Justin smiled, as he leaned in, his lips claiming with Sylvia's.

"All right, let's go out and celebrate for, Justin and Sylvia's engagement and Lance and Julia's relationship. For them fixing their problems, with a song." JC suggested. Everyone agreed as they all headed out the house.


* 8 months later *

Everyone laughed as they settled in Justin and Sylvia's living room. Justin and Sylvia had just gotten married, and everyone was at their house for the party. Sylvia smiled as she looked at all the familiar faces. Her mother, father, and younger sister were there, her friends from school, Julia, NSync, her model friends, other famous celebrities, and Jive records. Justin smiled, as he looked at Sylvia dancing with Lance on the back yard dance floor. Never in his life did he ever see such a more beautiful bride. Her hair, neatly and tightly up in a bun, curls dangling on the sides. Her lips were a soft shade of pink, full and pouty. Her dress was a dream. A huge white gown, with sparks like the stars at night.

"All right everyone; it's time to cut the cake!" Lynn, Justin's mother yelled from the long table. Sylvia and Justin stood between the 5 layer cake. JC, and his girlfriend Chlesey were next to Justin, Julia and Lance were next to Sylvia, and so on and so forth. Sylvia and Justin both took the knife in their hands and slowly cut the cake, as the entire backyard cheered. After they took a bite of their cake, everyone raised their glasses. "Let's hear it for Mr. and Mrs. Justin Timberlake!" Lynn yelled, as everyone cheered and took a drink.

The cake was being passed around and everyone seemed to be having a great time. Shortly, Sylvia and Justin came back with regular clothes. In a few hours, they would be leaving for their honeymoon in Paris. The time had seemed to go by rather fast, the guest were now merely gone. The only ones in the house were Sylvia, Justin, Julia, and they rest of the guys. They all sat in the living room and chatted for awhile, when door bell suddenly rang.


JC walked up to the door and opened it. "Good evening, I'm here to pick Mr. and Mrs. Timberlake." The young chauffer said.

"Yeah sure, just a minute.... JUSTIN SYLVIA YOUR LIMO'S HERE!" JC yelled, Justin walked up to the door, handing the young chauffer their luggage. The chauffer smiled, took them in his hands and walked back to the limo.

"Honey you ready?" Justin said, as he walked up to his newly wife.

Sylvia smiled. "Yes... Bye guys, take care of the house while we're gone."

"Don't worry, we will." Julia said, as she hugged her tightly.

"Laters everyone, we'll miss you." Justin said, as he wrapped his arm around Sylvia's waist.

"Bye." They all said, waving.

"Don't miss us too much." Sylvia laughed, as everyone else joined her. They said bye once more and walked out the door. The guys and Julia watched them as they stepped inside the limo, and watched it sped out of sight.
,br> "Well, I guess we should get going." Lance said, as he and Julia collected their things.

"All right you too, take care."

"Thanks man. See ya tomorrow." He said, as he and Julia walked out of the house.

"So..." JC began as he looked at Joey and Chris. "Are you two going to stay or leave?"

"We'll stay... Keep the house nice and cozy for Justin and Sylvia." Chris said, as Joey nodded in agreement.

"All right that's cool." He said. They all ran out to the backyard and started playing basketball.


Julia sighed, as pulled the covers over her body. Lance smiled, as he turned off the light and got into bed. "What's wrong baby?" He asked, gently pulling her closer to him.

Julia sighed happily. "Nothing... I'm just really happy for Sylvia. She's so happy. She deserves so much. And Justin as well, he's such an angel to her."

Lance smiled, as he kissed her bare shoulder. "I am too sweetie, I am too."

Julia smiled, as she looked over her shoulder, and planted a soft kiss on Lance's lips. "Goodnight baby." She said.

"Nite." He said, and kissed her once more. They both closed their eyes as they slowly began to drift off to sleep. A few hours passed, about 2 or 3. Lance started to toss and turn uncontrollably, as he started to dream.

"What the? Where am I?" Lance said. He looked around; he seemed to be in someone's house. A house that was unfamiliar to him. He had never seen this house before. He quickly turned when he heard someone calling him.

"Daddy!!! Daddy you're home!" A little girl said.

Lance stood frozen in his stance. His green eyes looking at the little girl running up to him. Her hair was light brown, shoulder length. Her eyes were green, just like his. "Allison." He said.

"Daddy!" Allison yelled happily, as she jumped into his open arms. "Daddy, I've missed you so so so so so much!" She said, in her little girl voice, which in fact she was.

"Oh Allison, I'm happy to be home too."  Lance hugged her tightly. He opened his eyes as he saw someone else walk into the living room. He stood surprised.

"Mommy mommy, daddy's home!" Allison cried, as she her small arms hugged Lance around his neck.

"I know honey... Hi Lance."

Lance swallowed the knot in his throat. "Hi.... Ashley."

"Allison, sweetie go and play in your room, mommy needs to talk to daddy."

Allison nodded in small head. She gave a peck on Lance's lips. "I love you daddy."

Lance smiled. "I love you too Allison."  Allison smiled, as skipped to her room.

Lance stood up as he looked at Ashley. "How old is she?" He asked.

"She just turned 5 this past week.... And you didn't even call to say happy birthday."

"How could I? You took her away from me. You won't even let me talk to her."

"Listen Lance... You know that we're through, but there's something I want to tell you."

"What is it?"

"Break up with Julia Davis."

"WHAT?!?!" He cried. "Why?"

"Listen Lance, if you want to see your daughter, break up with Julia."

"You’re freakin crazy! I'm not going to break up with Julia, just because you say so."

"Ok, then you'll never see Allison again."

"Ashley... She's my daughter too... She's my blood. You took her away from me once, don't do it again."

Lance kept tossing and turning as his dream changed modes.


"ALLISON!!!!" Lance yelled, as he ran through the airport.

"DADDY, PLEASE DON"T LEAVE." Allison cried, tears running down her cheeks, as her mom  carried her in her arms.

"Ashley please. Please don't take my daughter away from me again."

"I'm sorry Lance." Ashley said, as she started walking down the terminal.


"DADDY!! DADDY!!!!!"


"A... A.. Al.... Alli.... NOOOO!" Lance cried, as he jerked his eyes opened. He looked around, he was awake.

Julia slowly opened her eyes, after she heard Lance screamed. "Lance, sweetie. Are you ok?"

Lance was breathing deeply, sweat all over his forehead. "Yeah.... I'm.... I'm ok." He said, still breathing heavily.

Julia nodded. "Ok sweetie.... Go back to sleep ok?" She kissed him on the lips softly, as Lance returned it. She pulled away she lay back down, as she fell asleep once again.

Lance got his breathing under control. He lay back down, as he thought about the dream he just had. He looked over at Julia. He smiled slightly, as he kissed her bare shoulder and then her lips. He laid his head back down on the pillow. Once again his mind wondering to the dream he just had. "Oh my god." He breathed heavily, as he started to think. <%=title%>

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