Chapter 18

Lance sighed as he pulled into the driveway of his 2 story mansion and turning off the engine. He stepped out of the car, slamming the door shut. He walked to the front door and walked in, leaving Julia behind. Julia sighed, as she walked to the front door of the house, her and Lance were sharing. Ever since, the news of her and Lance's relationship went public, he's been acting rude around her. She closed the door and walked into the kitchen. She saw Lance sitting by the bar, taking a shot of Jack Daniel's.

"Lance, what's the matter with you?" Julia asked, as she approached him, placing her hands on his shoulders.

Lance shrugged them off and walked away. "Nothing's wrong. Just leave me alone." He walked into the living room and turned on the television. Julia sighed as she walked into the living room. She stopped when she looked at the television.

"Hi, I'm Suchin Pak with MTV News. Well, we've all heard about the relationship between NSync's Lance Bass and Pop Princess Julia Davis. So, we went out to the streets and asked a few fans what they thought about the relationship. And here's what they had to say." Lance and Julia were quiet as they watched the television.

"How do you all feel about Lance and Julia's relationship?"

"I think it's a bunch of bull... They so do not look right together."

"It's bull shit... That's all I have to say."

"I hope they break up..."

"That relationship is so not going to last."

"They looked horrible together... They need to break up and fast."

"I think she's using him. She's aonly dating so she can be famous and have a singing career. What a bitch!"

"Though some of the responses were negative, some were happy for the couple."

"I think it's great... They look happy together."

"They look so cute together.... I hope they last forever."

"They are so so cute... They look like they're in love."

"I'm happy for them... They both deserve to be happy."

"We'll keep you updated on this new relationship. Once again, I'm Suchin Pak with MTV News." Lance turned off the television. He threw the remote across the room, making Julia jump.

"Lance... Please." Julia began.

Lance stood up, his green eyes looking angrily back at Julia. "I thought I told you to leave me alone!" He said loudly, as he made his way upstairs.

Julia's eyes brimmed with tears. "Lance, would you please stop this!!" She cried.

Lance stopped. He walked up to her. "Stop what? I didn't do shit!"

"I didn't do anything either, why the hell are you getting mad at me for?!?!" Julia yelled back.

"Do you know what this can do to our careers? If we weren't going out, none of this shit would have happened!!!"

"Oh, so youíre saying our relationship is a mistake?!?!"

"Obviously it is!!! Look at what our fans are saying about us!!!"

"I don't care what the fans say Lance!!! It's our lives!!! We can do whatever we want with them!!!"

Lance sighed angrily, running his hand through his hair. "I've had enough of this." He said, as he ran up the stairs. Julia followed him into his room, as Lance collapsed on his bed.

"Lance just tell me, if you want this relationship to end."

Lance sat up on his bed. "That's what you want huh? You rather choose your fans over the love of your life!! Well, if that's what you want, then you got it..."

Julia began to sob quietly as she took in all of Lance's words. "So.... It's... over?" She said between sobs.

Lance looked at her angrily. "That's what you want isn't? To break up with me!!" Julia's body began to tremble rapidly. "Well, what are you waiting for? Leave!!! We're not going out anymore remember?"

"Lance...." Julia began.

"DAM IT JULIA!!!!! JUST GO ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!" He yelled. Julia sobbed as she ran out the room. Lance stood up and walked to the window. He saw Julia running to her car. It hit him. His eyes went wide. "Oh my god..." He gasped as he ran out of his room. He opened the front as he saw Julia starting her car. "Julia!!!! Julia wait!!!" He yelled. Tears streamed down Julia's cheeks as she looked at Lance. She started to back out, when Lance ran behind the car. She stepped on the break. "Julia please listen to me." He said, as Julia rolled down the window.

"Move." She demanded. Lance stayed in his position. "Move it Bass!!!" Lance finally stepped away, whenever Julia would call him by his last name, he knew it was hopeless to speak to her, and he shouldn't push it any further. Lance sighed as he saw the car pull out of the driveway and drive down the street.

He lowered his head as he walked back inside the house. He closed the door, leaning the back of his head against it, tears slipping down his cheeks. "Oh god... What have I done? Julia..." He said softly as he sobbed quietly.


Sylvia sighed as she waiting for someone to pick up the other line.

"Hello? Julia... Is that you?" A low soft voice said.

"No Lance, it's me Sylvia."

"Oh, hey Sylvia."

"So, I take it Julia isn't there?"

"No... She left about 3 hours ago and she's not back."

"Um, and you don't know where she is?"

"No... We got into an argument today."

Sylvia's eyes went wide. "What? Why?"

"It was about what happened today at Johnny's. About the media finding out about our relationship and making it public."

"What happened?" She asked. Suddenly she heard Lance starting crying; only making her worry more. "Lance? What happened?"

"I was so upset about it. That I didn't want our career's to be ruin... So, I..... I...."

"What did you do Lance?"

"I.... broke up with her."

Sylvia sat shock in her seat. She couldn't believe what Lance had just said. "Lance, please tell me youíre kidding." She heard him sniffing on the other end.

"I wish I was sweetie... But I did.... I realized what the hell I just did and I tried to stop her, but she left.... Oh god.... What have I done? What have I done?!"

"Lance, please clam down... Everything will be fine, you'll see... You two will work things out."

"I hope so sweetie.... Do me a favor yeah?"

"Sure anything."

"If Julia stops by yours and Justin's house, tell her to please come home."

Sylvia smiled. "Don't worry sweetie. I'll let her know... If she stops by there first, call me so I won't be worried anymore."

"Ok sweetie... Thanks... Love you."

Sylvia laughed. "Yeah, love you too."


"Bye." Sylvia said and hanged up the phone.

"Who was that?" Justin asked, as walked into the living room, sitting down next to her.

"Lance." She said, as she laid her head on his lap. Justin laughed slightly, as he began running his hands through her soft brown hair.

"What did he want?"

Sylvia sighed. "He broke up with Julia today."

Justin eyes grew wide. "Why?" He asked, still playing with her† hair.

"They got into an argument about their relationship going public... He was upset and didn't want their career's to be ruin that he broke up with her... Now, he realizes what he's done and he wants to apologize."

Justin sighed. "Poor Julia... And Lance... But they'll fix it."

"That's what I told him... I told everything is going to be fine, you'll see." She said, as she sat up. Justin wrapped his arms around her, pulling her closer to him. He kissed softly on the lips.

"Why are you such an angel?" He asked, kissing her cheek and neck over and over.

Sylvia laughed. "I dunno." She giggled, as she felt Justin's lips against her skin. "Years of practice."

"Smartass." He laughed. "But that's why I love you." He said, as he kissed her deeply.

Sylvia smiled, as she broke the kiss. "And I love you too." She said and kissed him again. "I hope Julia's ok... Lance said, she's been gone for 3 hours and she wasn't back yet.... I'm worried Justin."

Justin hugged her tightly. "It's ok baby girl. She'll be fine... Nothing's going to happen to her you'll see." Sylvia smiled. She suddenly jumped, when a loud thunder echoed outside, lightly up the house at the same time. Justin laughed. "Come on, let's go upstairs and get ready for bed." They both stood up and made their way up the stairs and to their bedroom. <%=title%>

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