Chapter 17

* 2 years later *

     "Hi, I'm Carson Daly and welcome back to MTV's Total Request Live! It's time to bring out our first special guest ... So, let's give a round of applause to our special guest ... NSync!" The audience went wild as the boys of NSync came running out.

     "WOOOOOO!" Once again, the crowd went wild. "Hey Carson!" Chris said, as they stood next to Carson.

     "Hey guys, nice to have on the show."

     "Our pleasure." They all said.

     "All right, so tell us ... It's been a year since your last tour and album. Will we be expecting anything new from you guys this year?"

     The guys laughed, as Justin spoke into the mic. "Well, we're actually working on doing another tour for our Celebrity album and we're working on another video for our next single."

     "Wow, that's cool. Can you guys tell us what the next single is?"

     "Um, it's Gone." Lance said, as the other guys nodded.

     "So, this will be mostly a video about Justin, is that right?"

     "Yeah." They all said.

     "If I may ask, have you guys decided who the girl in the video is going to be?"

     "Actually, yeah we have." Justin said.

     "And who is she?"

     "Sylvia Glover." JC said.

     "Oh the famous super model, she is a fine one." Carson laughed, as the every guy in the studio agreed. "And speaking of Sylvia. Justin ... Rumors have been going around that you two are a couple. Can you tell us what's actually going on?"

     Justin smiled. He looked at his friends who all gave him a smile, mentioning him to tell everyone the truth. He looked back behind the stand were the fans were sitting. He saw Sylvia. She smiled at him and nodded, motioning him that it was all right to say it. Justin turned back to Carson and smiled. "Well, we don't like hiding anything from ours fans, so I'm going to say ... Yes, we are officially going out." He smiled widely.

     Carson nodded. "All right, that's good to hear ... Now, moving along ... Lance, I hear that the artist that you signed, Julia Davis is taking the music world by storm."

     Lance nodded, smiling widely. "Yes, she sure is ... We signed her 2 years ago and we immediately began working on her debut album. And ever since her album came out, she was a hit. She's really happy."

     "All right, and she's here with us today ... But, we'll get to that in a minute... Now, let's get to our number 2 video of the day. Here's Britney Spears with I'm Not A Girl, Not yet A Women on TRL." The audience cheered as it went into the video.


     "All right, let's bring out our second special guest ... Here's Julia Davis! Come on out here Julia!" The audience cheered as Julia walked out. She smiled as she hugged and gave a kiss on the cheeks to the guys. She smiled as Justin gave her his stool, she sat down next to Lance.

     "Hey Carson." She said sweetly.

     "Hey Julia, it's good to have you here on the show."

     "Awe, it's my pleasure."

     Carson smiled. "All right ... So Julia, why don't you tell us how you met the NSync boys? They were telling me during the break that you, them, and Sylvia are very good friends."

     Julia smiled, as she felt Lance wrapped his arm around her waist, making her feel comfortable. "Well, actually, Sylvia's my best friend since grade school. She was the one who introduced me to Lance since they're really good friends. Then we met the rest of the guys and we've been hanging out ever since. They're really sweet." She smiled as each of guys smiled in awe and hugged her.

     Carson laughed. "All right that's good ... So, when did you decide to pursue a singing career?"

     Julia laughed. "Well, it was Lance's idea. Me, the guys, and Sylvia were just hanging out at the guys is complex house. They asked me to sing a song and I did. That's when Lance noticed something new about me, so he decided that I start a singing career and everyone else agreed as well."

     Carson smiled, laughing slightly. "Interesting if you ask me." Everyone laughed. "So, when will be expecting another album?

     "Um, probably in about 5 months, we're working on it right now."

     "All right, we'll we're all looking forward to hearing something new from you soon. We wish the best to you and your second album."

     "Thank you." Julia smiled.

     "All right ... Well, that's the end of our show. We leave you now with our number most requested video. Here's NSync's Pop Thank you, we'll see again tomorrow. Buh bye." The show ended as the guys and Julia signed a few autographs as they went straight to the video.


* Later that night. Back in Orlando *

     "So, how did I do?" Julia asked, as the limo parked in front of the Hard Rock Cafe.

     Sylvia smiled. "You did great Julz." She said happily.

     "Yeah, I agree, you totally rocked!" Justin said. The other guys agreed.

     "You did great baby." Lance said, kissing her softly. They all stepped out of the limo and were quickly bombarded with flashes from the photographers. The reporters quickly rushed up to them, throwing a million questions at once. Lance held onto Julia's hand tightly, as they made their way to the door. The photographers and reporters turned to Lance and Julia, quickly taking pictures and asking them questions.

     "Lance ... Lance, can we ask you a couple of questions?" Five reporters said at once. Lance stopped. "Lance, how long have you two been dating?"

     "When did you two meet?"

     "Uh, we're not dating, we're just good friends, nothing else." He lied. Letting the media know about his relationship with Julia was not good at this time, since her career was rising higher and higher. The flashes once again went wild, he quickly wrapped his other arm around her waist as they walked inside the restaurant.

     "Justin, Sylvia, how long have you two been going out." One of the reporters asked.

     "Three years and 3 months." Justin said. He held Sylvia's hand as they quickly walked inside.

     "JC, Chris ... Joey, can we ask you some questions ... Do you guys have any girlfriends? Are you all looking for any?"

     JC, Chris, and Joey shook their heads. "No, not at the moment." They said, as they quickly walked inside the restaurant.

     Once inside, they were seated in a private booth in the back, where the other celebrities were always seated, away from the other people and the media. They sat down and took deep breaths. "Damn those reporters!" Justin said, frustrated.

     "For reals yo! They never listen do they?" JC said, as the waitress came back with their drinks. She ordered their food and walked away.

     "And they'll never listen ... I mean, it's all good when they ask us questions about our album, tours, or whatever. But it pisses me off when they butt into our personal lives ..." Joey said angrily. Luckily, that they don't know about his marriage with the mother of his daughter.

     Chris nodded. "Yeah ... Hey Lance, you think they're going to say something about you and Julia?"

     Lance shrugged his shoulders. "I dunno ... I hope not ... With Julia on the rise, I don't want them to know about our relationship until further on in the year."

     The others nodded. "You have a point Lance ... We wouldn't want to ruin Julia's rising fame." Sylvia said. Everyone nodded in agreement. The all sat quiet, as the waitress came back with their food. "Well, enjoy everyone!" Sylvia said, as they all started eating their food.


* The next day *

     Lance sighed as he sat in the studio, along with Johnny, Wade, and other producers. They were recording the last song from Julia's debut album. Suddenly the doors burst open, as Justin, Sylvia, JC, Chris, and Joey came barging in. "Lance, you gotta see this man." Justin said. He placed the paper in front of Lance.

     Lance lifted the paper and read the cover of Entertainment Weekly. His eyes went wide as saw the cover. He turned on the mic. "Julia, we have a problem. Come in here please." Julia looked at Lance confused. She took off the head set and walked into the other room.

     "What's wrong?" She asked. Looking at all the worried faces. Lance handed her the paper. She took it and looked at it. Her eyes went wide. She read out loud. "Music Industries hottest couple!" She read. It was a picture of her and Lance at the Hard Rock Cafe yesterday night. She quickly opened it to the section and began to read the story to herself.

     "Just when you all thought music industries hottest couple was NSync's hottie Justin Timberlake and super model Sylvia Glover, things become even more hotter. Turns out, NSync's Lance Bass is dating none other then the new princess of pop, Julia Davis. Both were seen last night at the Hard Rock Cafe in Orlando, along with fellow band mates, Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Chris Kirkpatrick, Joey Fatone, and Justin's girlfriend Sylvia Glover. Don't believe us? Check these photos taken of the happy couple."

     Julia looked at the pictures. Her and Lance holding hands, and others where he had his arm wrapped around her waist. She put the magazine down and looked at all the faces staring back at her. "Well, at least it's just one magazine." She said. She notice the look in their faces. "Oh God, please don't tell me ..." She began.

     Joey took out another magazine. Teen People. "No, Julz sweetie, there's more." He opened to the page and read out loud. "New couple takes the music world by storm. NSync's Lance Bass and pop princess Julia Davis were caught together at the Hard Rock Cafe in Orlando. Even though both Davis and Bass denied their relationship, we have pictures to prove it. Check them out." He handed her the magazine. She grabbed it as her and Lance looked at them. The same pictures of them holding hands and Lance wrapping his arm around her waist.

     Julia threw the magazine to the floor and dropped to her knees. "GOD DAMN IT!" She cried, as a few tears trickled their way down her flushed cheeks. Lance knelt down next to her, holding her in his arms.

     Sylvia frowned as she lifted Julia on her feet. They hugged each other. "Shh ... It's OK Julz ... It'll be alright." She said, trying to console her. She looked at Lance. He looked scared, like if he were about to cry. She looked at the other guys, a look of concern on their faces.

     "Hey, it's just pictures ... It can't get any worse." Justin said. They all nodded. Julia lifted pulled from Sylvia's embrace. She wiped her eyes dry, as she felt Lance wrapped his arms around her waist.

     Julia sighed as she hugged Lance. "Maybe you're right, it can't get any worse." Just then, Johnny's secretary walked into the room.

     "Um, excuse me Johnny, may I speak to you please." Johnny nodded as he stood up.

     "Excuse me guys." He said and walked out. They all nodded. Lance kissed Julia's lips gently, comforting her.

     "Uh... Guys..." Johnny said from the office. They all looked at each other confused and walked into Johnny's office.

     "What's wrong Johnny?" JC asked. Johnny pointed to TV. They all looked. Their eyes went wide as the watched.

     "Hello, I'm Suchin Pak with MTV News ... Just when you thought the Music Industries hottest couple was NSync's Justin Timberlake and super model Sylvia Glover, becomes even more hot. Turns out, NSync's Lance Bass is dating non other than Pop Princess Julia Davis." Everyone looked as the pictures of Lance and Julia holding hands played through the screen. "Both Bass and Davis were seen last night at the Hard Rock Cafe in Orlando, along with fellow bates, Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Joey Fatone, Chris Kirkpatrick, and Justin's girlfriend Sylvia Glover." More pictures flashed through the screen of Lance and Julia. Even some of Justin and Sylvia and the other guys. "Here's what Bass and Davis had to say..."

     "Lance... Lance, can we ask you a couple of questions?" Five reporters said at once. Lance stopped. "Lance, how long have you two been dating?"

     "When did you two meet?"

     "Uh, we're not dating, we're just good friends, nothing else."

     Suchin Pak came back on the screen. "Both singers denied the relationship, saying that they are just friends... Friends they say? Looks like more to friends than they say. We have actual footage from last night event. Check it out..." Everyone went wide eyed as the footage played through the screen. Lance and Julia looked intensively at the television. They filmed them through a window. They were all laughing. Their mouths nearly hit the floor when Lance and Julia kissed passionately. They pulled apart, as Suchin Pak came back on. "Looks like they can't hide their relationship now... We hope the best for them... Maybe even some wedding bells will be heard...That's all for today, I'm Suchin Pak, stay tuned for more news at 10 to hour, here on MTV." Johnny turned off the television and looked at Lance and Julia.

     "So, what are we going the do?" He asked. Justin, Sylvia, JC, Joey, and Chris shrugged their shoulders. They all looked at Julia and Lance. "Lance? Julia?" Johnny began.

     Lance lifted his head from his hands and looked at Johnny. Julia lifted her head, as tears fell from her eyes. They both looked at each other, then back at Johnny. "Well? What are we going to do about this?" He asked again.

     Lance shrugged his shoulders, shaking his head. "I dunno Johnny... I dunno." <%=title%>

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