Chapter 15

     Sylvia sobbed quietly as she walked down the sidewalk in a near by park. The night was calm. No one was around. Nothing could be heard. She slowly sat on a near by bench. She rested her head back against wall. She sighed softly as she looked up into the dark sky. She closed her eyes as she thought about what had happened back at the club. What did she just do? Why did she react like that? All Justin was doing was dancing with her. Sure, it wasn't right for Justin to be grinding up against like that. Especially since he had a girlfriend. She shouldn't have gotten jealous. She didn't mind if he danced with other girls. She knew she could trust him. Could she? The warm wind blew gently against her body in comfort. Her soft dark brown hair flew freely in waves as the wind blew. She had to apologize to Justin. The way she acted wasn't right. She had to fix it. Her eyes slowly fluttered opened as she felt of hand press against her shoulder. "Justin?" She sat up and looked at him. His eyes were red, like he had been crying. His cheeks were streaked from the tears. Before she could say anything else, she felt Justin's strong arms embrace her tightly. She brought her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. She could feel his body trembling, as he sobbed quietly into her shoulder. "Shhh... It's OK." She said, calming him down.

     "Baby, I'm so sorry." He said softly, as he sobbed.

     Sylvia pulled from his embrace and looked at him. She brought her thumb to face, wiping the tears away. She smiled slightly, as kissed his nose. "It's OK... Don't worry about."

     "I don't know what got into me... But, I promise that I'll never do it again. I promise. Will you forgive me?" He asked, as he looked at her. Giving her those puppy dog eyes.

     Sylvia laughed slightly, as she saw the puppy dog look in his eyes. "Dam those eyes... Yes, Justin, I'll forgive you."

     Justin smiled, the tears still flowing freely down his warm cheeks. "Thank you baby." He brought her hands to his mouth and kissed them continuously.

     Sylvia smiled as she looked at him. "I should apologize also."

     Justin looked at her surprised. "Why, you didn't do anything. You had the right to be upset."

     Sylvia laughed slightly. "Yeah, I know but, I shouldn't have acted like that. Yes, what you did was wrong, because you know you have a girlfriend. But, you were just dancing. And, I know I could trust you. I shouldn't have gotten jealous. I'm sorry baby." She said, as her eyes brimmed with tears.

     Justin hugged her and looked into her eyes. He smiled. "Even though you don't have to apologize, I'll forgive you." He laughed. Sylvia laughed with him as they hugged each other. Both slowly pulled away as their lips captured in passion and emotion. Shortly they pulled away. "C'mon, let's go home." They both smiled, as they walked out the park.


     "It's 4:00 AM where the hell is he?!" Julia cried, as she paced back and fourth nervously.

     "Julz, calm down, they'll be here." JC said, trying his best to calm her down. Lance reached over, as he grabbed her hand. Julia sighed as she sat next him, resting her head on his shoulder. The guys were still at Sylvia's house waiting for Justin and her return. Joey and Chris had fallen asleep watching Love Stinks. JC, Lance, and Julia were the only ones up. All three turned as they heard the door opened. They sighed in relief, as they saw Justin and Sylvia walking into the house, both of them hugging each other. Julia stood up and ran up to Sylvia with open arms. Without a thought Sylvia let go of Justin and wrapped her arms around Julia.

     "Oh my gosh, where were you? We've been worried sick." Julia said, as she let go of Sylvia.

     Sylvia smiled. "I was at the park. Justin found me there."

     "Come here sweetie." Lance said, as he wrapped Sylvia in a big bear hug. Justin sighed as he walked over to JC.

     "Are you OK?" Julia asked.

     Sylvia let go of Lance and looked at her friend. "Yeah, I'm OK... Thanks Julz." She said as she hugged her again.

     Julia laughed slightly. "What do you think friends are for?" She said. "I'm glad your OK." They let go of each other at looked at Justin.

     "So, are you to alright with each other?" Lance asked, as he looked at Justin.

     Justin nodded. "Yup. Nothing to fear. We're still here." They laughed at his little line.

     "Well, that's good to hear." Julia said, relieved.

     "Well, I'd love to stay and chat, but I'm really tried. I need to get some sleep." Sylvia head, as she yawned.

     "Yeah, same here." Julia said.

     "Hey Sylvia, you mind if we stay here. Joey and Chris are crashed out and Lance and I are to tried to drive back to the hotel." JC said, as a small yawn escaped from his mouth.
     Sylvia yawned, smiling at the same time. "Yeah it's fine. Since Joey and Chris are asleep, I guess they can stay there. You, Justin, and Lance can sleep in one of the guest rooms... Julia are you staying here also?"

     Julia nodded, yawning, her eyes slowly closing. Sylvia smiled. "Okay, I'll show you guys to your rooms." She showed each of the guys their rooms for the night. All 3 of them not to far from each other. "Alright, guys good night." She said. The guys said good night and entered the rooms. Sylvia walked up to Justin and gave him a quick kiss. "Nite."

     "Nite." He said. He kissed her once more and walked inside the room. Sylvia smiled and turned to Julia.

     "Are you sleeping in my room or would you prefer a guest room?"

     Julia yawned. "I'll take a guest room this time. I'm a little wasted, I'll probably hog all the blankets if I sleep in your room." She joked. She smiled, as another yawn escaped her lips.

     Sylvia laughed. "Alright." She showed her room. Julia smiled. She said good night and walked inside the room. Sylvia sighed as she walked down the other hall and into her own room. She tossed her clothes aside and slipped on a pair of Joe Boxers and a large Fu-Bu shirt. She turned off the light and drifted off to sleep.


* The next day *

     Sylvia eyes fluttered open, as the sunlight fought it's way through the closed blinds. She turned over and looked at her clock. 2:30 PM. She had over slept, but she didn't care. She dropped her head back on the pillow and closed her eyes.


     Sylvia opened her eyes. "Come in." She said. She lifted herself onto her elbows and looked at the door. "Hey Lance."

     "Afternoon sleepy head." Lance laughed as he walked in. He sat on the bed. "So, have a good sleep?"

     Sylvia nodded. "Uh huh." She mumbled, as she yawned. "Where is everybody?" She asked.

     "There down in the game room goofing off." He smiled. "Hey we're leaving for Orlando tonight, we have an appearance in the All That show. Wanna come?"

     "Sure! Is Julia coming also?" She asked, as she through the blankets aside.

     Lance nodded. "Yup. She already went to her house and packed. Your the only one left."

     Sylvia nodded. "OK." She jumped out of bed and walked into her closet. She came back out with a pair of tight dark blue hip huggers, a tight soft pink tank top, and her black boats. "Well, let me freshen up and get packed."

     Lance nodded as he stood and walked to the door. "Hurry it up, cuz we're going to the amusement park in an hour." Sylvia nodded. Lance smiled. He kissed her forehead and walked out the room. Sylvia sighed, as she walked in the bathroom and started the shower.

     After 45 minutes. Sylvia was freshen up and packed. She looked at her reflection. She smiled. Her hair was down, wavy so the curls could seen. Her eye shadow matched her shirt. A soft pink, along with black eye liner and mascara. her lips were pouty. A simple light maroon color. Her outfit fit perfectly. Every curve could be seen. She smiled once more and walked out of the room. She walked into the game room, her eyes landing on the guys and Julia goofing off as they played pool. "OK, I'm ready." She said. Everyone turned and looked at her.

     "Wow, don't we look stunning." Julia smiled as she walked up her, giving her a quick hug.

     Sylvia laughed. "Look who's talking Julz." She said, as she looked at Julia's outfit. Tight black capri's, a white tank top and black sandals. It was an amazing outfit. Every curve hugged perfectly.

     Justin smiled as he walked up to Sylvia. "Damn you're HOT!!" He said, as he kissed her. Sylvia laughed, as they pulled apart.

     "Well, let's get going ya'll." JC said, as they all headed out the game room. <%=title%>

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