Chapter 14

* 5 months later, Graduation May 25 *

     "And here's your 2002 Valedictorian, Miss Sylvia Glover!" Principal Masterson said into the microphone.

     Everyone cheered, as Sylvia made her to the podium. She smiled widely as she looked at all her fellow classmates. She eyes brimmed with tears, as she looked around. She saw Julia, cheering for her from her seat. Sylvia smiled at Julia. She looked further up. Her parents, clapping as they looked at their 18 year old daughter. Sylvia smiled and blew a kiss in their direction. She looked to the side. She smiled, hers eyes laid upon Lance. He stood up whistling and clapping, and screaming her name. She smiled and blew a kiss at him. She looked next to him, She saw JC, Chris, and Joey cheering. Then she saw Justin. Screaming her name at the top of his lungs. She smiled, laughing slightly, as she blew him a kiss. She looked back at her classmates, a small tear zigzagging it's way down her rosy cheeks. "What's up my seniors!!!!" She yelled into the mic, as the senior class went wild. "Yeah!! That's what I like to hear!!!" The cheered again.

     She laughed slightly, as she cleared her throat. "As we come to day that shows a whole new side of the world. We sit back and remember of all the wonderful events that accorded during the past four years of our lives. We learned about life. Life moves on, whether we act as cowards or heroes. It isn't about who you love or who you hate. It is about keeping your trust. It's about what you say and what you mean. The judgments you pass and why. But mostly. Life is about using it to touch or position other peoples hearts in a way that could have never occurred alone. A source of beauty, joy, and strength, if faced with an open mind. Every moment is a golden one for him who has the vision to recognize it as such. Now, as we sit here. We are faced with a new kind of life. A life where we must continue to create, as the new lives we create come to this world... May I wish the best of luck to everyone. God Bless each and every one of you. Because without any of you, we wouldn't have such a more perfect world. Thank you!" She whipped her tears away, walking back to her seat. The senior class screaming wildly.

     Principal Masterson clapped as he walked up to the podium. "What a wonderful speech..." Everyone continued cheering, as he began to hush them down. "Now, we will present the diplomas." He said, as the Vice Principal's came with the rolled papers. "First we will begin with our top 10 percent of the class.... "Number 10, Elizabeth Madison Hill."

     Everyone cheered as the young girl walked up to the principal and received her diploma.

     "Number 9, Jacklyn Lee Manchester."

     They cheered as she got her diploma.

     "Number 8, Jason Alexander Williams"

     Everyone screamed loudly, as Jason went up to receive his diploma, since he was popular. Sylvia smiled and Julia smiled as he looked at them. Jason was the same guy that ask her on a date.

     "Number 7, Frank Lozano."

     Everyone cheered.

     "Number 6, Vanessa Esmeralda Glasgow."

     Everyone cheered.

     "Number 5, Destiny Hope Sullivan."

     Everyone cheered.

     "Number 4, Joshua Scott Michaels."

     "Number 3, Isabel Moore."

     Everyone cheered.

     "Number 2, Julia Paulina Davis."

     Everyone cheered and whistled, as Julia made her way to the podium. Lance and the other guys of NSync, screamed her named as they handed her, her diploma. Julia looked at Lance and blew a kiss in his direction.

     "And, your number 1 senior class mate is, Sylvia Marie Glover."

     Everyone cheered and whistled as Sylvia walked towards the podium. Justin and they guys were cheering and screaming her, along with the senior class. She grabbed her diploma and blew a kiss at Justin, then to her parents.

     The principal shook their hands and then continued with the other students, as the other 10 made their way back to their seats.


* Later that day *

     Sylvia, Julia, and the guys drove into the Romeo's Night Club. They all got out from their separate cars and headed to the front door. As soon as they walked in, the loud music entered through their ears. "YEAH!! TIME TO PARTY!!!" Justin yelled, as he grabbed Sylvia's hand and headed towards the dance floor. The others laughed as they walked to an empty table up in the VIP area. They settled down as they ordered their drinks.

     "Hey Julz, what would you like?" Lance asked, as the waiter stood next to him.

     "Margarita." She said. Lance smiled, as he and the other guys ordered theirs. "Hey, thanks you guys for taking me and Sylvia out." Julia smiled, as she looked at them.

     "Hey, don't mention it. You girls just graduated high school. We had to take you out." Joey said, as the waiter came back with their drinks. They each grabbed their drinks and started drinking.

     They all talked and laughed as the hours went by. They had arrived at 9:00 PM. It was now 12:30 am. Julia turned from her conversation with the guys and looked around the club. "Hey guys, where's Sylvia and Justin." Julia asked.

     JC looked around. "I dunno, they've been dancing since we got here and their not back yet." The other guys looked around but didn't see them anywhere. They decided to talk for a while, maybe they might show up. After 30 minutes, the time 1:00 am, their conversation was interrupted by loud yelling voices.

     Lance looked at his friends then at Julia. "Who the hell is that?" The others shrugged their shoulders.

     "It sounds like it's coming from the dance floor." Julia said. She looked down. Her mouth dropped opened as she saw Sylvia and Justin arguing. "Oh my God!" She jumped up from the booth and ran down to the dance floor.

     The fours friends looked at each other. Lance looked down. He eyes went wide as he saw Sylvia and Justin fighting. "Oh my God! Justin and Sylvia are fighting." The other three went wide eye, as they all stood up and ran down to the dance floor.

     "Damn it Justin, what the hell is your problem!!!" Sylvia yelled.

     Justin shook his head angrily. His face red from all the yelling. "Dam it Sylvia!! I already told I didn't do anything, we were just dancing!!!" By now, all eyes were on the couple.

     "Oh don't give me any shit Justin!!!! That wasn't dancing... That was something close to fucking!!!"

     "What the hell!?!?! I was just dancing with her!!!! Is there a crime in dancing with other people?!??!!!"

     "No Justin there isn't... But, you were practically fucking her right in front of me!!!!!"

     "I wasn't fucking her!!!!! Dam it!!!! Why are you acting like this?!?!?!!!"

     "Acting like what!!!!!!"

     "Like a bitch!!!!!!!!"

     Sylvia anger rose as she slapped Justin across the face, and knocking him to the floor. Justin rose his hand to his cheek. The pain rising rapidly, as he looked at Sylvia shocked. "You stupid asshole!!!!!!!!! Don't you ever call me that!!! You hear me!!! NEVER!!!!!!!!!!"

     Julia ran to the middle of the floor and stood between them. "Hey hey!!! Calm down you two!!" She yelled, as she placed her hands and Sylvia's shoulders. The others walked up to Justin and helped him to his feet. "Alright, now what happened?" JC asked, as he looked at the two.

     "What happened? Well, your little friend over here was practically fucking some girl on the dance floor. In front of ME!!!!"

     "That's bullshit!!!!" Justin yelled. Sylvia started running towards him, but Julia and Lance held her in place.

     "Hey hey, clam down Sylvia." Lance said, as he held her waist, making sure she wouldn't ran after Justin.

     "Justin is this true?" Julia asked, as she looked at him.

     "Yes it is!!!!" Sylvia yelled. Julia hushed her quietly, and turned back to Justin.

     "Justin, is it true?" She asked again. Justin didn't say anything this time. He stayed quiet, as he looked at Sylvia. "Justin, I asked you a question." julia said, sternly.

     "Yes... It is true." Everyone turned and saw a young girl walked to the middle of the dance floor.

     "Who are you?" Julia asked.

     "I'm the one Justin was dancing with when Sylvia got mad."

     Julia looked at Justin, then back at the girl. "What was he doing?"

     The girl sighed. She looked at Justin, then Sylvia, then back at Julia. "He was dancing with Sylvia, when I accidentally bumped from behind him. He turned to see who bumped into him, and he just started dancing with me. It was just regular dancing. Sylvia saw us, she smiled and nodded, Saying it was cool... But all of sudden Justin started dancing very closely to me. He started grinding up against me. He was sliding his hands up my mini skirt, and brought my leg up to his waist. And, it did look like we were fucking. That's when Sylvia turned around and saw us."

     Julia eyes were wide as she looked at the girl. She looked at Sylvia. She sighed, seeing the tears flowing freely down her cheeks. "Was Sylvia dancing with any other guys?" Julia asked.

     The girl shook her head. "No."

     Julia nodded and looked over at Justin. "Is that what happened?" She asked.

     Justin sighed. He slowly nodded his head. "Yes." Everyone in the club began booing. JC, Chris, Joey, Lance, and Julia looked at him in disbelief. Sylvia began to cry as she broke away from Lance's embrace and ran out the club. Justin looked up as he saw Sylvia ran out the club. "Sylvia! Sylvia wait!"

     "Alright everyone shows over!" JC yelled, as the music began playing again and everyone started dancing.

     "Nice move Timberlake!" Chris said, shaking his head, as he crossed his arms over his chest. Justin sighed as he looked shamefully at his friends and Julia.

     "C'mon guys, let's go. We need to find Sylvia and settle all this." Julia said. Everyone agreed as they grabbed their belongings and headed out the doors.


     Julia took a spare Sylvia had given her and unlocked Sylvia's front door. "Sylvia?" She said, as she and guys entered the house. The house was quiet and dark. It was quite obvious that no one was home.

     "Where's her parents?" JC asked, as they looked around the house.

     "In California." Julia said, as she looked at the note on the dining table. "They had to go on a business trip." She put the paper down and looked around the house.

     "She's not here... Her car isn't in the garage." Lance said, as he closed the garage door.

     "Damn it!!!" Justin cried as he sat on the long white couch in the enormous living room.

     "Hey it's your fault J." Lance said, as they all settled in the living room.

     "Go look for her Justin." Julia said, as she sat next to Lance. The rest of the nodded as they looked at Justin.

     "Alright... I'll find her." He said, as he stood up and walked out the house. Julia and the guys looked at each other, as they waited for Justin to find Sylvia, or for Sylvia to return home.

     Justin walked quietly to his car. He opened the door and got in. He sat in the drivers seat, as tears started flowing down his cheeks. He knew he had done an awful thing, now he had to fix it. <%=title%>

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