Chapter 11

* At the club *

"I'm coming up so you better get this party started I'm coming up so you better get this party started

Get this party started on a Saturday night Everybody's waiting for me to arrive Sending out the message to all of my friends We'll be looking flashy in my Mercedes Benz

I got lots of style, got my gold diamond rings I can go for miles if you know what I mean

I'm coming up so you better get this party started I'm coming up so you better get this party started"

     Pink's hip dancing song "Get The Party Started" echoed throughout the entire club. People dancing, and shaking their asses to the beat. "Hey girls, go strut your stuff." JC said, looking at Julia and Sylvia.

     Sylvia and Julia looked at JC confused. "What for?" Sylvia asked.

     JC pointed to dance floor. Sylvia and Julia turned. Two girls, about their age, were trying to do the choreography to Pink's video. Sylvia looked at Julia, a smile tipping her lips. Julia smiled back, thinking the same as Sylvia. Both girls stood up and walked to the dance floor. The guys looked at the girls as they walked away, quickly, they stood up and walked after them. The two girls that were dancing, stopped when they saw Sylvia and Julia walking towards them. "Oh my gosh! It's Sylvia Glover!" The girls said excitedly.

     Sylvia laughed. "Hey girls! Mind if me and Julia show you some cool moves?" The girls nodded as they moved. Sylvia looked over at Julia and smiled. "Let's burn em." Julia laughed as they walked to the middle. Suddenly, there was a huge circle surrounding them, they guys of NSync up in front. Sylvia and Julia looked at them and smiled. The beat to the choreography started, and they began doing their thing. Everyone began cheering as Sylvia and Julia danced. Every move they did was perfect.

     "Go Sylvia!"

     "Go Julia!"

     "Go Sylvia!"

     "Go Julia!"

     "Go Sylvia!"

     "Go Julia!"

     "Go Sylvia!"

     "Go Julia!" Everyone was cheering, including the NSync guys. The song ended as Sylvia and Julia bowed. Sylvia smiled as the two girls walked up to her asking her for autographs. They walked back to the table and sat down, drinking their water. "Damn, you girls were great!" Joey said.

     "Ya'll have some tight dance moves." Justin said, wrapping his arm around Sylvia.

     Both girls smiled. "Thanks!" Julia smiled, as she felt Lance's wrap his arms around her. They all laughed as they talked and danced the rest of the night away.


* The next morning *

     Julia sighed sadly, as wrapped his arms around Lance's neck. "I'm going to miss you." She said quietly.

     Lance sighed, as he held gently in his arms. "I'm going to miss you too sweetie..." He let go of her and kissed her on the lips. "I have to go now.... I'll call you when we get to Orlando okay?" Julia nodded. Lance kissed her once more and walked to the terminal.

     "C'mon Justin, let's get going." Johnny said, as he and the others started walking down the terminal.

     Justin sighed and turned back to Sylvia. "I don't wanna go." He pouted.

Sylvia laughed slightly. "I don't want you to go either, but you have to... I'll see you in Orlando in a few months."

     Justin nodded, as he leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips. "Bye sweetie.... I'll call you when we get to Orlando." He said, as he started walking towards the terminal. Sylvia nodded and smiled. Justin waved and disappeared down the long hall.

     Sylvia sighed as she turned to Julia. She smiled as she looked at her friend. "Don't worry Julz, everything's going to be okay.... We'll be back with them in a few months... Until then, you're going to come to every photo shoot with me." She smiled as they walked out of the airport.

     "How many photo shoots do you have?" Julia asked, as they stepped into Sylvia's metallic blue 2002 Honda Civic.

     Sylvia started the car and sped out the parking lot. "A lot of them... Even when we go with the guys in Orlando." She stopped at a red light, and looked at her friend. "Are you still willing to come?"

     Julia smiled and nodded. "Of course! I love visiting different places."

     Sylvia laughed. "Okay... Then it's done."

     Both girls continued talking as they drove back to their houses.


* 1 month and 1/2 later *

     Julia sighed as she looked at Sylvia, posing. They were at Sylvia's Guess? photo shoot. Sylvia sighed tiredly as she walked to her chair. She sat down taking a long drink of water. "Tired?" Julia asked.

     Sylvia nodded. "Very.... Let me give you a little advice.... Don't be a model." She smiled.

     Julia laughed slightly. "Oh, don't worry... I don't think I would be able to handle all the makeup, hair styles, wardrobe change, and especially the posing."

     Sylvia laughed. "It's not that bad... The only bad thing about it is waking up early, and staying at the shoot for almost 5 - 10 hours."

     "Okay Sylvia... We're ready." The photographer yelled.

     Sylvia sighed and turned to Julia. "Well, here I go again."

     Julia laughed. "It's OK... I'm going to go get myself something to eat."

     Sylvia nodded and handed her car keys, from her duffel bag. "Be careful." She smiled and walked towards the photographer. Julia laughed slightly. She grabbed her purse and headed out the building.


     "Hello, welcome to Wendy's, what would you like to order?"

     "Yes, can I have the number 6 combo, with a sprite drink."

     "Anything else?"

     "No that's all"

     "OK, your total is $4.85, please drive up to the first window, Thank you."

     Julia stepped on the gas petal and drove up to the first window. "Hello, $4.85 please." Julia handed the girl a five dollar bill. She handed her change. "Your order will be out in a few minutes." She smiled and closed the window.


     Julia picked up her new cell phone that Sylvia had brought her. She pressed the talk button and answered it. "Hello?"

     "Hey Julia!"

     "Lance! Oh my gosh! What a surprise." Julia said excitedly.

     Lance laughed. "Hey sweetie, what are you doing?"

     "Nothing, I just came to get myself something to eat, then I was going back to Sylvia's photo shoot."

     "That's cool."

     "Hey how did you get my number?" Julia asked, as she got her food from the girl. "Thank you." She said, and drove off.

     "I called Sylvia's cell, to see if you were with her, but she told me you had left, so she gave me your cell phone number."

     "Oh that's cool... So what are you guys doing?" She stopped at the red light and took out a fry, taking a bite out of it.

     "Nothing, we're just here in the recording studio... We're debating on which song to choose for our next single."

     "Oh... Have you all decided what it's going to be?" The light turned green, as she stepped on the gas petal.

     "Well, right now, we're thinking about Gone... I think it's going to stay at that."

     "Sounds good to me." She said, as she drove into the parking lot. She turned off the engine and stepped out of the car. After making sure the alarm was on, she walked into the building.

     "Gosh, I miss you so much right now.... I wish it was July already so we can be together."

     Julia laughed, as she sat down on the small table. "I miss you too sweetie... Don't worry though... Just 2 more weeks and we'll be able see each other again."

     "Yes, and I can't wait any longer." He laughed. "Well, I have to go, the guys are calling me... I'll see you soon."

     "OK sweetie, take care."

     "You too... Bye."

     "Bye." She said and pressed the end button. She placed the phone down on the table and started eating her spicy chicken sandwich.

     "Hey Julz, who were ya talking to?" Sylvia asked, as she walked over to the hair stylist.

     Julia swallowed the food in her mouth and looked at her friend. "Lance."

     Sylvia smiled. "Oh yeah, that's right... Duh!"

     Julia laughed, as she took another bit of her sandwich. "Are you almost done?" She asked, as she looked at Sylvia, her hair that was in a bun, now falling gently on top of her shoulders.

     "Almost, just gotta do 20 more poses and we're done." She said, as the hair stylist Placing curling the layers in Sylvia's hair.

     "Well, that gives me enough time to finish my food." She laughed. Sylvia laughed with her, as she waited for her hair stylist to finish, and Julia to finish her food.


* July 4th *

     "JULIA!" Lance yelled as he wrapped his arms around Julia's thin waist. "Gosh, it's so good to see you." He said, placing a sweet, soft kiss on her lips.

     Julia smiled as she kissed him back. "It's good to see you too." Lance smiled, as he grabbed her suitcase and started walking towards the elevators, Justin and Sylvia right behind them.

     They reached the bottom and walked out the clear sliding glass doors. They got into the van that was waiting for them, and sped off. Justin leaned in, as he faced Sylvia. "God, I've missed you so much." He said softly, placing a sweet kiss upon her lips. Sylvia smiled and kissed him again.

     "AH Get a room!!!" Lance and Julia yelled, laughing. Sylvia and Justin smiled as the four friends started talking, as they headed towards the hotel Sylvia and Julia were going to be staying in.

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