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Avishi Mehta


Ch: 1

"Okay, seeya tomorrow, six in the evening, ya bye." Samiha hung up. Then she looked at the clock on the wall. -Uh oh, I’m late! -. She rushed around the house gathering her books, stuffing them into her backpack and trying to brush her shoulder length hair at the Same time. She finally managed to get her books in place and her hair brushed and tied into a high ponytail. Then she put on her nose ring, jacket and keds and sailed out the door yelling bye to her mom. Her tenth standard was just starting out and today was the first day of her English s.s. tuition.

-Oh great now im gonna have to hear Naisha scream at me again-. Naisha Patel her best friend was also joining the Same tuition. -I wonder who else is gona join- she thought as she got out of her car and started walking towards the gate. She always got off a little distance away from the gate. -Anyone will do except...- "oh hi Anja-lee" she said, her voice at its sneering best." hi Sami-ha" said Anjalee. They were total rivals. Both of them were rankers and the prettiest and most popular girls around in school. They loved writing, reading, singing and dancing.

The only difference between them was that Anjalee usually had a group of giggling gossipy girls in high heels, low necklines and gobs of makeup following her around. Samiha had Naisha, her best friend since kindergarten. Sure, Samiha liked to dress up as well. But the only makeup she liked was lip and eye makeup and she would never be caught dead in a skirt or a low neckline. Her favourite outfit-a pair of old ripped and faded low waist jeans with a white tank top, her signature old navy jacket and her keds. She had shoulder length black hair with electric blue streaks. She had a natural sort of beauty about her. Anjalee had the kind of beauty it takes three hours to put on. But guys fell for her anyway.

She was surrounded by her usual group of girls. And Samiha definitely did not feel like socializing with them. She looked around for Naisha and spotted her in a corner chatting with a guy who looked kind of cute. She went over and stood next to her." hi Sam this is Raj" "Raj this is Samiha my best friend" "hi Samiha" said Raj. "Hi" she replied. "Nice to meet you". "Ya you too". "Hey Sam listen I was just waiting for you lets get going shall we? “Asked Naisha. “Sure". All three of them entered. Taking a hint the rest of the batch followed.

As soon as everyone settled down the teacher entered. She looked like she was in her mid-forties. But she had a great figure and the prettiest eyes and smile. She had neck-length dark hair. “Hello everybody I am Poonam Sharma your tutor. We are going to be studying together for the whole year so please make yourselves comfortable. Today we will begin with the first chapter of English. But first lets have some introductions".

" I am Samiha Mehta. My friends (she looked at Anjalee giving a smirk) call me Sam. I am from Mt. C . HIGH SCHOOL. My hobbies are singing dancing reading writing and horse riding."

"Naisha Patel. Same school as Sam. My hobbies include swimming, sitting on the internet, writing and horse riding."

And so the introductions went on, after tuitions Raj asked Samiha and Naisha to go to a coffee shop. “Sure lets go,” said Naisha "coming Sam?” “Sorry I can't come today ill take a rain check though" "seeya around Raj bye Nish ill call u later tonight". And with that she went off.


Ch: 2


(Later that night)--->Samiha stretched and reached for the phone and dialed Naisha’s number. She picked it up after three rings. Halloo? She hollered into the phone. “Gosh Nish I’m not deaf you know I can hear you even if you don’t yell. ”Oh hi Sam its you”. “Of course its me who else do you think would call you at this time?”. ”Oh nothing its just that Raj and I went to the coffee shop with one of his friends Sameer and we kinda clicked you know? And I was just expecting a call from him”. “Ah-hah!  So you are interested not in Raj but his friend?” “Ya exactly”. “Hmm so tell me what did you’ll talk about that the 2 of u ‘clicked’ “. “Oh anything and everything under the sun”. “Oh-okay”. “Hey listen Nish I gotta go ill seeya tomorrow in school okay? And if u talk to Sameer… do give me ALL the details”. “Okay, bye Sam”. “Bye”.



Excerpt from Sam’s diary

Date: 3rd May 2003

Day: Tuesday

Place: Sam’s room


Dear diary…Nish actually interested in some GUY? That’s pretty hard to believe. She's not that type if you know what I mean. She's always had guy ‘friends’ but never boyfriends. She's always been one of the guys…I just find it kind of strange you know? But I guess everyone’s interested in guys sometime or the other. As for me I think Raj is very cute…but I hardly know him. Besides there’s Rohan…only I don’t know when he’ll be back from the states…its almost as if we've broken up if you know what I mean. Im just waiting for his email now. He hasn’t mailed me in two months! He better have a good reason for not mailing.


Rohan was Sam’s boyfriend. They were together since the middle of ninth standard. But then he went away to the U.S.A he was going to come back for a visit. Sam and Rohan had decided not to break up because they thought they liked each other enough to take the distance. Besides it wasn’t as if there was no emailing or calling. It wouldn’t be the Same as staying in the Same city but still…and Sam was gona go to the states after her 10th anyway. She was gona go to NJ as well…


-à The next day (school)


Samiha entered the school at ten minutes to eight. She was early today. Normally she reached the school just before the first bell but today she wanted to talk over some stuff with Nish. She spotted Nish sitting on the last bench chatting animatedly with another girl. “Hey Sam ‘morning”.

“Hi” she said plopping down next to her.

“Why do you sound so grumpy?” Nish asked her. “Rohan” she replied. “Oh I get it he still hasn’t mailed?”

Sam nodded. “I don’t know what's wrong with him. He better have a good reason for not mailing me. Do you realize its two months since we last talked?”

Just then the bell rang and their teacher entered the classroom. The rest of the day in school went by pretty quickly. But Sam couldn’t stop pondering over Rohan. She was grumpy all the time in school. After school Nish asked her to go to the coffee shop around the corner with her. Sam was in no mood to go anywhere or do anything all she wanted to do was to go home and go to sleep. “But there's something I want to show you” said Nish.

”Oh alright I’ll come but just for your sake ok?” They entered the shop and sat down on a table. Samiha was looking at her hands all this time.

“Sam at least look up and see who's here,” said Nish with laughter in her voice. Sam looked up and saw…yep Rohan sitting next to her. She couldn’t help a smile from spreading across her face. Her eyes widened in surprise.

“Rohan!?” “Hey beautiful” he said. “What are you doing here?”

“Well I thought I would give you a pleasant surprise so Nish and I got together”

“and why have you not been replying to my mails?” she continued as if he hadn’t spoken.

 “ Because I wanted to give you this surprise,” he replied.

“But you haven’t been answering for the past TWO months”

“ya it is kinda a long time isn’t it? But im sorry. Now that im here ill make sure you have the best time of your life”.

“Oh fine I forgive you” said Sam with the airs and graces of a princess.

“Hem hem” said Nish. “Aren’t you two lovebirds forgetting something?”

 “ Oh sorry Nish I forgot to thank you” said Rohan and Sam in unison.

“Now if the two of you want to spend some time together ill push anyway I've got some work to do”. She winked at Sam and went away.

“What work could she have that is more important than spending time with her long lost brother?” asked Rohan in mock anger.

“Oh she’ll tell you when the time comes” said Sam smiling to herself.

 “You mean she went because she has some work? I thought she just wanted to leave us alone. Now im really offended”

“Oh leave her be she'll come around…tell me your news now you're gona spend some time with me”

 “Sure me lady” said Rohan moving in a little closer…