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Quote Hanger                                               

If you ever feel like a nobody, remember, 

"Nobody's Perfect.".                                                      

 Menu              From the editors’

Fungle            Still unconvinced.                    

    Check it out for jokes,             An uncomplicated love story. By           
    humour and more…             
Manjaree Sowani                                    

Teena(n)ger      The Game Of Tennis.              

    Tell us your problems,          The complex people at a Tennis 
     share your feelings.         
      court. By Niruti Pangotra

Reel View         Samiha.

    Check out the reviews           The story of a girl who had to become
    of music, movies,                    
a woman... fast. By Avishi Mehta
    books and more…

Spaced Out                      

    Its your space!                                                   
     Fill it up!

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