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Y j ou u & s M t e

(Just between YOU and ME)


We here at De_Scribe bring you the hottest gossip possible...Only (and this is very important) we don't take any I repeat ANY responsibility for the names mentioned. We just print what we get. So there. Now you can't sue us ;) 

                        ---- The editor

GupShup about those who've just given their boards and are now chilling and doing jasusi for us:-



 Kevin still loves Arohi but Arohi really does not care. Kevin also loves Crystal---Arohi's pet Doberman! :D

Lynn D'Souza hanging around Zameer Aggrawal the chaluest guy to be found according to our sources.

Bhushan loves Devki but Devki totally oblivious to it.

Ishaan is still crazy about Shivani.

Vaidehi is still using Rushabh as a natural resource and transport facility.

Yashraj, Sheel, Ansh and Marg are all crazy about Payal but Payal is confused about how to use them all.


Gossip about people who can't chill that much because its board time again!!

Arjun Sheth and Pooja...together after Arjun and Shinali's breakup.

Priyanka Tamhne was supposedly going out with Ayush, Sameer Beri. But now, she's going with whoever she gets.

Dimple and Pathik are an item.

Tanya is going out with some college chap.

Anar  (11th A) and Deep Mandaliya were going together until they broke up.

Surina was going out with Deepen and Saajan. But Sony proposed to Lavina, Surina proposed to Sony so, being clever, He switched over.

Arpita is finally going out with Rajan. She was proposed by at least ten guys before she chose the guy.

Lavina and Shail Shah are an item.