Okay, excerpts of the following left Tiffany, yes TIFFANY, speechless...you know it's something! Well, go on, read already!! September 11, 2002

Justin interview w/Power 106 in LA
Source: ???

Big Boy: Alrighty ladies and gentlemen, Justin Timberlake is in the neighborhood. The hat of forbidden questions ladies and gentlemen.

JT: A BIG green hat

BB: Yeah man we’re gonna go ahead and make it happen now. Justin Timberlake…

JT: I can’t even lie, I’m really nervous right now.

BB: Hey man, you know I’m not gonna lie, I’m not gonna lie player, I’m nervous for you.

Lady: you should be

BB: At any time, Fuzzy (?) your gonna keep score…

Fuzzy: ready

BB: any question we ask you, you gotta tell the truth, we try to get through these questions as fast as we can. There’s gonna be some questions that you gotta go ahead and reiterate on. Like I say hey ya know, bull… what happened, such and such… there’ll probably be two parts.

JT: So you’ll let me know if me answer’s… not good enough for you

BB: yeah… yeah

JT: deep breath… WOW!

BB: You know what I’m saying?

JT: And, and you’re gonna be the judge of this?

BB: you know what man? Hopefully man you’ll just tell the truth and we’ll get right through them.

JT: Hopefully.

BB: Yeah, yeah… and if at any point, Justin Timberlake, if one questions becomes too much for you **tapping in background**

JT: I’ll just tap out...

BB: Just tap out… just tap out. Alrighty, we’re going into the first one ladies and gentlemen…

JT: Oh my God

BB: Alrighty now. The first question is Justin Timberlake if you had to, look a BIG had to is on there…

JT: Ok

BB: If you HAD to swap one member out of Nsync and add one member of backstreet boys to your group who would you choose, who would you swap out of your group?

((Snickering in background))

JT: umm… Alright if I had to swap one member of nsync and add a backstreet boy… ummm…

((More laughing in background))

JT: I would swap Lance… ummm… because he’s obviously a cosmonaut *laugh* and… ummm… I’ll take AJ, cuz I like him with his problems.

((BIG laughs in studio from everyone))

BB: Alright

JT: I’ll take AJ pre… Pre problems

BB: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. *Laughs* Alright, #2 here we go… Have you ever had a sexually transmitted disease Justin Timberlake?

JT: No I have not.

BB: Go ahead with your bad self… as you should.

JT: and I think everybody should practice safe sex

BB: That’s what I’m talking about… I need to just practice. Period. *laughter* Ya know what I’ma saying? Jesus Christ.

BB: what’s the nickname, Justin Timberlake, for your private part?

JT: Big Jim and the Twins.

BB: That’s what I’ma talking about!

((laughter and LOTS of snickering in background repeating Justin’s answer and people going “Oh Man!”))

BB: Oh man.

JT: I just got that off the top of my head… no pun intended

BB: But yo know man, somebody here is gonna be all yo man… big Jim and the twins… and not even remember you said it.

BB: Alright Justin Timberlake, have you ever done a song you did not want to do?

JT: Yes. About 3 or 4 on the first nsync record.

BB: really dog?

JT: Really. Some times you got to bit the bullet

BB: yeah man, bit the bullet, but you all doing the damn thing right now, so ya’ll ain’t biting the bullet no more.

BB: What’s your most intimate fantasy?

JT: My most intimate fantasy?

BB: Yes sir.

JT: Ummm… Is it a fantasy if you’ve already done it?


BB: Ooo Wow, we want to hear that one…


JT: *nervous laugh* Did I get myself into more trouble?

BB: Oh yes you did

Lady: You’re so honest

JT: Umm… Honestly? Honestly? I like Baths.

Lady: So do I

JT: Something really sexy about a bath… bath water.

BB: I like a hot bath with some of that therapy stuff? Like that man, a strong man rubbing your shoulders and stuff… *laughter*

JT: that water glistening all ov-a yo bod-y. *laughing* ((inside joke? I don’t get it but everyone said Justin’s line together))

BB: Ok Justin Timberlake, when was the last time you cheated on your girl?

JT: I never cheat. Never. I don’t believe in it.

Lady: Good for you

JT: Don’t belive in it.

BB: Good to know. That’s what I’m talkin’ about. We’re gonna move on. How many video extras have you had sex with?

JT: None. But there was one on the Girlfriend video set that I was…

BB: That came close?

Lady: What about that one chick in Gone? She was a cutie.

JT: She was hot. She was Croatian... *BB laughs* I remembered that. She didn’t speak much English. But what she said sounded really good. ((Justin’s voice is cute here))

BB: Justin Timberlake, what is the one thing that you can say about yourself that no one would believe?

JT: The one thing… That I’m not cocky.

BB: I heard that.

JT: Because I think… I am very confident. I like who I am, I feel comfortable in my skin, so I think sometimes when people meet me, I’m not very vocal, you know. I like to listen to people and so you know, I think, sometimes it come, it comes across as arrogance, and… and I hate that.

BB: Justin Timberlake, what is the most embarrassing thing your parents ever did to you in public?

JT: The most embarrassing thing recently, on Driven, on VH1, my mother gave VH1 this tape of me and my friends lip-synching to NKOTB when I was like 10.

Lady: it was so cute though…

JT: SEE!!!

Lady: aww… it was so cute...

BB: Oh Lord have mercy

JT: Dudes that are 21 don’t want to be cute baby.

((BB laughing))

Lady: But you know what? It’s like a turn on for girls, so there you have it.

JT: there you have it…

Lady: it’s a win win situation.

BB: Then I have to do it then. Now I know what I’m doing wrong.

BB: If you HAD TO, would you eat your own vomit or drink your own urine

*Pause* JT: NO.

Lady: you have to do one.

JT: Oh, if I had to... I have to pick? I heard… I heard urine clears a messed up throat…

BB: yeah it does… (coughs and snickering in background)

BB: Ok, listen. Have you ever knocked boots with someone famous?

JT: Yes.

BB: and who.

JT: It DOESN’T say and WHO! **Justin’s voice like goes up all high here… funny**

((snickering in background, and lots of come on player, who player))

Fuzzy(?): And who player… he said there’d be two part to the questions.

Lady: Come on, Shaggy answered that one.

Someone in the background: A lot of people man

JT: Shaggy answered that one? What did Shaggy say?

BB: Man, oh you don’t want to know, we’ll tell you his off air.

((Lots of mumbling, laughing…))

BB: Go ahead Justin… come on player

JT: I can’t.

Lady: Sure you can

Someone in back: I’m sure you have a couple of names to spit out.

JT: ok, lemme…

Lady: Don’t tap out on that one

Someone else: Is this the one you’re gonna tap out on?

JT: ummm… um…

Someone: you got a list huh?

JT: Um. Um…

*Lost of laughing and snickering and mocking*

JT: I CAN’T put anybody on blast though…

BB: come on man…

Background: We’re all grown, ya know what I’m saying… We’re all grown.

JT: Knock boots…

Lady: it’s adult radio

JT: knock boots…

BB: With anyone famous and who…

JT: anyone famous

BB: ya know what man I can really move on to the next one, because we already got an idea of who, you know what I’m saying…

JT: So there you go

BB: There it is right there.

JT: I’m not gonna say I didn’t knock boots with anybody I’ve been linked with… I will say that.

BB: You’re a G and a half man.

BB: Aw man, if you HAD TO put a banana, a finger or a gerbil in your butt, which one would you choose? *LOUD Crackling laughter* That’s only if you HAD TO.

JT: Can it be a pinky finger?

BB: yeah yeah. of course of course.

JT: Then we’ll go with that.

BB: Justin Timberlake what’s your favorite form of pornography?

JT: Two women… two women just because it’s comedy.

BB: You dog. You ever order it in a hotel?

JT: Nah, peoples in hotels talk too much.

BB: yeah yeah they pull up a record and everything…

BB: What’s the cruelest thing you ever did to a pet?

JT: I …

BB: uh-o

JT: My mom had this carrin(?) man, if she’s listening right now, she’s gonna kill me, she don’t know about this. She had this carrin terrier that…. every time she would leave the house and leave me with the dog he would turn into this terror and start nippin’ at my ankles and finally one day I got sick of him, so I tossed him down the stairs. Down a whole flight of stairs.

BB: Did the dog make it?

JT: He limped for a couple of weeks, but he respected me after that.

BB: Did your mom know you did it? Yeah he limping around like?

JT: Oh yeah, He got into a fight with a big dog down the street.

BB: Justin Timberlake have you ever had any SBP? Have you ever had any SBP Mr. Justin Timberlake.

JT: SBP, forgive me for my ignorance

BB: Aw man, its sweet black @#%$. Have you ever had any sweet black @#%$, Justin Timberlake. Have you ever had any SBP. Have you ever partake in any sweet black @#%$. Some sweet black @#%$.

*lots of laughing crackling in the background*

JT: The rumors are true.

BB: Oooh!!!

JT: And I haven’t gone back.

BB: Oooh!!! Man…

JT: they say once you go…

BB: there it is… you are a G and a half

JT: and… wow…

BB: Justin Timberlake are you circumcised or not?

((Someone is laughing like a hyena in the background))

JT: *laughing* Definitely

BB: Alright, alright… ((Lots of laughing talking can’t make out))

BB: If you had to vote one of your members off Survivor style, who would you boot off the group?

JT: uh… Chris

BB: Really?

JT: Cuz he’s crazy. Nah really, he’s certifiable.

BB: Really dog?

JT: Nah.

BB: we’re coming from you brother…Would you rather lose your voice or your tally wack?

JT: Um, I rather lose my voice

BB: Justin Timberlake when was the last time you were in a threesome?

JT: I’ve never been in a threesome

BB: really?

JT: I’ve never been in a threesome

BB: I can see it in your eyes, boy… this is the first time, I can say I feel like this is the first time I’ve felt like you’ve lied to us.

JT: Are you serious? Honestly man, I like one on one. I like intimacy. That maybe… that may not sit well with some people but I like intimacy.

Lady: Hey, it’s alright

BB: Justin Timberlake. Do want me to hand you this question, or do you want me to read this to you?

JT: let me see it man.

Background: Aw don’t be…

JT: What am I up to?

Background: You’re almost at 20 dog… almost at 20

JT: Is that the Platinum? Am I almost there…

Background: You’re almost there… you’re so close man

JT: Let me see it… lemme see it…

BB: are you sure?

JT: WHO did these questions? I’m gonna kick their ass…

BB: *laughing* it was us.

JT: Just read it… just read it man…

BB: Ladies and gentlemen, the question is… We don’t need the drum roll cuz he’s gonna pass this one up… this one’s gonna be the one he stop on. But I gonna do the drum roll any ways.

JT: You’re so dramatic Big Boy.

BB: Thank you so much. Justin Timberlake, who was better in bed? Britney Spears or Janet Jackson?

Sound of drum roll… then Justin tapping on the desk.

** LAUGHTER from everyone **

BB: Justin Timberlake. Ladies and gentlemen in the Hat of forbidden questions ya’ll. Justin Timberlake ladies and gentlemen, tapped out on who was better in bed, Britney Spears or Janet Jackson.

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Justin Timberlake Pop's crown prince on massive hair, smoking blunts and Britney Spears school uniform...
by Rory Buckeridge
FHM, UK (December)

You've been linked with so many celebrity ladies. What's your secret at chatting them up?
Chatting them up? I don't try and chat them up, that's my secret. I really am kind of shy when it comes to girls. I hate to kill this whole facade that people have put on me, but I'm pretty much a one-woman type of guy. I don't like chatting up girls in clubs because I feel ridiculous doing it. I've been in this business for a little while, so my bullshit detector is pretty advanced.

So you didn't suck face with Janet Jackson in a LA nightclub for two hours?
I didn't say that. I didn't say that I didn't. I didn't say that I did. She's a beautiful lady. She's the sexiest female I think I've ever seen.

You haven't seen any of her piercings, then?
[Justin sits politely in silence, smiling.]

Ah, the stonewall - the curse of the celebrity interview. The UK papers all said that you dumped Britney, what really happened?
This is what I will say about it, because our business is our business, and we're still friends. The hardest part for me was to sit there and watch everybody say stuff about me, because I was completely heartbroken. I never did anything to hurt Britney, ever. And I would say that I still think she's a great person, I just don't think the timing is ours.

Okay. You've just recorded your solo album, collaborating with The Neptunes, Nelly, Timbaland and P. Diddy. That's some hardcore black talent...
Yeah, and I was the token white boy who got accepted. Like Elvis, I got accepted. Maybe that's what it is. I don't know. I think they know what I want to do is genuine. I think that's all there is to it. The Neptunes and Timbaland: they're ego free. They don't care, they're interested in being part of something new. Not just new for me, because of course it's different from *NSYNC, and everything people are used to hearing - that bubblegum shit that people are used to.

We heard that Nelly is a massive fan of cigars...
Yeah, he loves cigars, but he doesn't smoke cigars...

What do you mean?
I mean, he smokes blunts. You know what I mean. He smokes blunts...

So did you fancy just lighting up a big, fat blunt after your collaboration?
Well yeah, why not? I can't do that when I'm singing, but after I'm done... I got high just being in the room, though.

What, just from Nelly's smoke?
No, just from being in the room. No, off of Nelly. I'm just kidding.

Stevie Wonder blew some mean harp on *NSYNC's album, Celebrity. Did you meet him?
Yeah, and I produced the harmonica part.

Did he feel your face?
No. I have so many stories from that session. I was so in awe of him. We did that whole song, for the harmonica. He had two harmonicas in a box. Well, he got to the end and he kept doing the lead line and he was flat on one note every time. I was like, "I ain't gonna tell him. I'm not gonna tell him, he's Stevie Wonder."

So did you tell him?
Yeah, it finally gets to the point where somebody had to say something, so I said, "Screw it, I'll do it." So I press the talkback button and he goes, "Yeah I know, I hear it." And the first thought which went through my head was, "I'm gonna go to hell, because I told Stevie Wonder, the God of all music, that he was flat." My second thought was, "he's pissed off." He gets the other harmonica and he starts playing, and he nails it within two takes.

So you dissed him.
No, I didn't.

You dissed a blind man - you told him he was flat.
I didn't! At least I felt bad about it. That was a milestone in my career, that's a moment I'll never forget, getting to work with him.

Let's talk about your hair. You've got that whole microphone head thing going on.
No, I have a short, European style. It's my tribute to Coldplay.

What's the biggest your hair's ever been?
I don't know, man.

Are we talking basketball size... medicine ball?
It's definitely not basketball. My hair's been, I'd say cantaloupe size before. I've had an afro before, you've seen it.

One of the guys in the FHM office has got a similar pube head, have you got any tips?
Cut it. Cut it, like I did. You don't like this haircut? This is way better than yours. You know what, I'd like to make a public apology now to all the people of the world for having to watch my hair do its own performance.

Have you ever been mistaken for Screech from Saved by the Bell?
No. He has black hair, and fuck off for that question!

Not even with that massive chin action going on...
The chin, you think I have a fucking Screech chin? Fuck you, bitch! Whatever. No. I don't think I'm the most attractive looking guy, but I know I don't fucking look like Screech!

*NSYNC are not the most handsome boy band in the world, and yet still became famous and succesful. How? Usually painfully handsome is the boy band rule, like the Backstreet Boys...
You think they're a better looking band than us?

Um... I'm not...
Yeah, you're right, I guess they are. Kevin's a pretty little motherfucker. I just don't think we're as manicured a boy band as the Backstreet Boys.

They do have those elaborate beardy things going on though...
That thing looks like it takes hours to do. That has a bigger career. That bitch has its own agent. You gotta love it, though.

Could *NSYNC take the Backstreet Boys in a bar brawl?
Of course! We'd whup their ass. We'd definitely whup their ass.

What if they knew kung fu?
It doesn't matter.

I have to ask one more Britney question. She let slip to the New York Times that she bought a pair of handcuffs when you were dating. Is there a story there?
I'm not going to comment on that.

So she didn't use the handcuffs on you?
That's not what I said.

Because that's an image right there - Britney and a pair of handcuffs...
Yup, isn't it.

Finally, did she ever dress up in the school uniform?
Not for me. We left that for the video. It was dated by then.

This was taken from a message on the MB @ JCChasez.nu

'Everything I do is scrutinized. If I have a beer people say i'm a party monster. I'm 21 so give me a break! Sometimes I feel like running down Sunset Boulevard naked, screaming, "Leave me alone!"
But aren't you supposed to be a role model?

'No way' he says. 'Parents are role models, not me. I don't feel I have to preach to kids about drugs or drink. If I denied ever taking drugs, that would be stupid. Have I experimented? Sure, in the past. Right now, I'm at a place in my life where I don't need substances to stimulate my mind. But I wouldn't say drugs aren't fun. they are fun.'
Have you ever tried heroin?

No. Never. But I'm not going to sit here and list every drug I've ever taken. But yes, I've experimented. I'm a pretty normal 21-year-old with an unusual life. Did I have any idea how big *NSYNC would become? Who could ever have known?'

This piece was also taken off of the MB @ JCCHASEZ.NU