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ChibiSisters Club Rules

Here at ChibiSisters, we like to think of our members as family. And it's because of this that we want to protect our 'family' as much as we can, so we've set up this simple list of rules and guidelines that you might want to familiarize yourself with.

Please understand that these rules are subject to change or modification. It's in that respect that you should check back here every now and then, just to keep yourself up to date.

  • Do NOT abuse the members!! This means: foul language, harrassing ChibiMail, spreading rumors, etc.

  • Do NOT abuse the ChibiSister Staff!! This means: Sending multiple ChibiMails about the same thing in less than a week's time, being demanding in reference to club prizes, etc.

  • NO fighting!! If you're having a problem with another member, please Chibimail a ChibiSister Security StaffMember and alert them to your issue. They will work with you in order to resolve the matter.

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