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                        Ecorse Community High School

                            M.E.G.A GOLD DIVISION

                           JV & Varsity Boys Basketball

                                2005-2006 Season



Day Date Opposing Team Location Time
Tuesday 12/13/05 Taylor Light and Life Home 5:30/7pm
Friday 12/26/05 Flat Rock Home 5:30/7pm
Tuesday 12/27/05 Holiday Friendship Game Away@Ann Arbor Huron 11am
Wednesday 12/28/05 Highland PK. Holiday Games (Varsity Only) Away@Highland Park 3pm
Thursday 12/29/05 Highland PK. Holiday Games (JV &Varsity Only) Away@Highland Park 10am&1pm
Tuesday 1/3/05 Taylor Light and Life Away 5:30/7pm
Friday 1/10/05 Melvindale Home 5:30/7pm
Tuesday 1/13/05 Inkster Home 5:30/7pm
Tuesday 1/17/05 CrestWood Home 5:30/7pm
Friday 1/20/05 Trenton Away 5:30/7pm
Friday 1/27/05 Carlson Home 5:30/7pm
Tuesday 1/31/05 Thurston Away 5:30/7pm
Friday 2/3/05 Lincoln Park Away 5:30/7pm
Friday 2/10/05 Annapolis Away 5:30/7pm
Tuesday 2/14/05 Melvindale Away 5:30/7pm
Friday 2/17/05 Crestwood Away 5:30/7pm
Tuesday 2/21/05 Trenton Home 5:30/7pm
Friday 2/24/05 Carlson Away 5:30/7pm
Tuesday 2/28/05 Thurston Home 5:30/7pm
Friday 3/3/05 Lincoln Park Home 5:30/7pm