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Origin: Finland
Status: Disbanded
Style: Doom Metal

Website: N/A

Finnish doom metal band Unholy was formed in 1988 by singer/bassist Pasi Äijö and guitarist Jarkko Toivonen; originally dubbed Holy Hell, the group recorded a demo titled Kill Jesus before adopting their familiar name in 1989. The following year, Unholy -- having added guitarist/keyboardist Ismo Toivonen -- issued a second demo, Procession of Black Doom, and with new drummer Jan Kuhanen resurfaced in 1991 with the EP Trip to Depressive Autumn; both earned positive underground notice, and upon signing to Lethal Records the band released its official debut From the Shadows in early 1993. After the follow-up The Second Ring of Power met with mixed response, however, Unholy disbanded in late 1994, with each member pursuing solo projects; the group reunited in mid-1996, although Toivonen instead chose to remain with his new band, Tiermes. The remaining trio returned in 1998 with Rapture, adding keyboardist Veera Muhli before recording Gracefallen a year later

Discography Label
1989: 'Kill Jesus' (Demo)
1990: 'Procession of Black Doom' (Demo)
1990: 'Demo II. 90' (Demo)
1991: 'Trip to Depressive Autumn' (EP) Lethal Records
1993: 'From the Shadows' (CD) Lethal Records
1994: 'The Second Ring of Power' (CD) Avantgarde
1998: 'Rapture' (CD) Avantgarde
1999: 'Gracefallen' (CD) Avantgarde

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