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Asphyx circa 1989
Origin: Holland
Status: Disbanded
Style: Death Metal

Is there anyone out there that's still into true, old-school death metal...or anyone that's brave enough to admit it in this age of bandwagon-jumping and rampant trends? If so, then the Dutch legends Asphyx are about to show why they deserve to be amongst your favorites!

Formed back in 1987 while gaining inspiration from bands such as Venom, Possessed, Hellhammer, Messiah and Death, this three-piece quickly achieved universal recognition within the underground for their uncompromising death/doom metal style as well as for their everlasting praise of the original death metal spirit.

The core, consisting of Bob Bagchus (drums) and Eric Daniels (guitars), saw many different line-ups, especially with changes on the vocalist/bass-player position (Martin Van Drunen and the late Theo Loomans being the most remarkable ones), but Asphyx never even thought about altering their traditional style, no matter which other elements were considered "cool" or suitably "modern" in extreme metal. Not even Asphyx's unofficial split in 1996, which was preceded by a reincarnation under the name Soulburn (featuring the core of Asphyx; Bob Bagchus on drums, Eric Daniels on guitars and Pentacle member Wannes Gubbels as new vocalist/bassist) and their subsequent album "Feeding On Angels" in 1998, ever diminished the proud following of underground maniacs that Asphyx have always maintained. In fact, many people consider that later Soulburn line-up as the most powerful one in the band's history, and since the musical approach was kept as untamed and "asphyxiating" as ever before, it was only a matter of time to see the band re-baptized as Asphyx. "On The Wings Of Inferno" now marks the sixth full-length recording in the history of the band, and should easily prove to be the band's most fulfilling album since their monumental debut, "The Rack". Recorded at Harrow Productions in Losser, The Netherlands, "On The Wings Of Inferno" is a no-filler masterpiece of old-school death metal which features nine infernal hymns of the band's well-known pulverising mid-tempo-riffs, a crushing doomy edge to it as well as demonic speedy sections which never lack in either catchiness nor brutality. Death metal: the brutal way... the traditional way ... the only way!

Asphyx circa 1991


Year--Title Label
1988: 'Carnage Remains' (Demo)
1989: 'Enter the Domain' (Demo)
1990: 'Crush the Cenotaph' (Demo)
1989: 'Mutilating Process' (EP) Gore Records
1991: 'The Rack' Century Media Records
1992: 'Crush the Cenotaph' (EP) Century Media Records
1993: 'Last one on Earth' Century Media Records
1994: 'Asphyx' Century Media Records
1996: 'Embrace the Death' (Actually recorded in 1990) Century Media Records
1996: 'God Cries' Century Media Records
2000: 'On the Wings of Inferno' Century Media Records

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