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Reason for Existence – For every 1000 males in India, there are only 933 females. The remaining 67 males are part of “Club 67”. Welcome to the trailblazing IIM-Ahmedabad chapter of the club.


Mission Statement – All members will try hard, very hard to get out of this club as soon as possible. All the members are required to cooperate and not target each other’s "cynosure".


Anthem – Aansoon na baha faryaad na kar; Dil jalta hai to jalne de.


Motto Kehte hain ki Ishq mein neend ud jaati hai. Koee hum se bhi Pyaar kare, kambhakht neend boht aati hai.


Members – This club is made for two types of guys. The ones who really make up this club...the total Lukhaites :) and then there are the rest who have moved on. We the Lukhaites desire to receive "credible" tips to move on. There are more than a dozen guys from Section A, PGP-1 who have formally applied to this club. The respective profiles would be uploaded by the respected Spokesperson as and when he feels like. Send dbabs to 4javed / 4ranjan or fill the form at the bottom of this page. Make sure that you include your photographs and fill up the other four fields as well. Incomplete requests would be summarily rejected.



The Ones who really belong :





Requires for Exit






Vinayak Prashar aka Bihari





Father of the Club



A veteran at IIM-A, was the first to come up with the name of “Club 87” coz he is a little short on GK.


Anything, absolutely anything. Even a cow from Patna would do.








Ranjan Kant aka Blade











Never been a part of the fortunate 933 males.

A tough girl. A girl who can stand up to our blade and not be cut. In his words "Shouldn't budge an inch until she gets one".






Javed “the Bull” Alvi aka Goto





Convener-cum-Spokesperson :-)





By default.


Sundar, susheel, tikao aur kifaayati - in reverse order of importance.








Nirav aka Dildo






Creative Director





Has been the ultimate lukhha guy thru out his life




Any female will do. Preferably one with a body like that of the painting.





Animesh Ranjan aka Lagaan



Constitution Writer


No satisfactory reasons. Can patao 'n' number of girls whenever he wants :))



Any gal/lady in 20-35 age-group who is good at biting and can keep him awake throughout the night:-)












Abhilash aka "AttilA the Hun"



















Lost interest in his current gal...:-))


Not very particular... An ordinary gal wud do... someone with Cindy Crawford's style, Julia Robert's class, Arundhati Roy's sapience, Cameron Diaz's sexuality; someone with Daniela Pestova's mystery, with Natasha Henstridge's esoterism; someone as naughty as Charlize Theron, as wild as Angelina Jolie; someone with a body like Elizabeth Hurley's, eyes like Aishwarya Rai's, mouth like Rebecca Gayhart's, skin like Salma Hayek's; someone with Heather Graham's smile, Gwyneth Paltrow's nose, Mariah Carey's legs and Jeniffer Lopez's behind..... :))








Debaditya Gangulee aka Dabe




Member inducted through CAT (common abhi-bhi-akela test)




Always on the wrong side of the 933 limit



Any girl...caste no bar, creed no bar, nationality no bar......







Kamalakar V Arcot aka Kamla aka Sigza





Has good sense of inventory valuation and can supply to all the other 933 hence ensuring lasting cash reserves for Club-67. Presently involved in signing MoU with the French under the able guidance of revered Candu Singh for internationalization of Brokers67, a subsidiary of Club-67.



Human version of the daughter of Zaphoid Beeblerox, the chairman of the Inter-Galactic council of the Universe, nothing less will do.











The "Honoree" Members










Ankur Dhingra aka Lick-Lee




Hornee Member #1



Kitni gfs hain batana thoda mushkil hai :-))...isliye won't even hazard a guess !!! Hope he gets time from his "numerous" commitments for the Club.






Vivek Pachauri aka Selfo




Honoree - i.e. Zabardasti - Member # 2



Already engaged, so he should ideally belong to the lucky 933. However since his GF is in Germany, we award him "Horny membership"






Dhaval S Gwalia aka ANCHO





Honoree Member # 3




Has a GF in Mumbai. Hence, becomes an honorary member for being the awesome guy he is.







Sravan aka SEGU





Honoree Member # 4


Has a girlfriend ..but finding it hard to formalize the engagement  due to external problems like her parents. Had loads of experience in giving advice in matters of love and you-know-what :), planning to use this experience in assisting the club 67 members in their endeavours.












Gopal Putrevu aka


   Baanjh Singh





Honoree Member # 5




Despite having a gf, *saar* needs a Monica Belluci - lookalike for Exit...dah, hamare paas ek nahin hai aur inhe do-do ki padi hai :D.














Vivek Mishra aka















Honoree Member # 6




All along my journey through the tumultuous years of my adoloscence right upto the stark realities of adulthood. (Dramatic dialogue !! )..i have had bitter- sweet experiences with the fairer sex . And for all those years spent in sweet frustness, i express solidarity with all members of Club 67. Abhi, I have a steady gurlfrend who is very cute . I offer my sincere advice on offer to one and all in need !!


*Prez-Comment* : IIT ke baad this CASANOVA is on the lookout in IIMs too :-)





So, Find this Gang Cool enuff and Wanna Join ? Just fill in :-)

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