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Welcome to the Official Homepage of Hay-Mou Rabbitry. We are located up in Northern NY, about 30 minutes from the Canadian Boarder. We raise quality American Fuzzy Lops, Mini Rex and English Spots. We also have a very small herd of Rhinelanders, Checkered Giants, Satins and American Sables. To find out more about Hay-Mou Rabbitry and what we have to offer, please direct yourself to the navigation area above. Enjoy your visit and do not hesitate to contact us with comments or questions!

We are proud members of ARBA, AFLRC, NMRRC, North Atlantic Fuzzy Lops, and the Northern Lites RBA!

Hay-Mou's Sick N Twisted takes BOB at Cobleskill. He turned Senior that day and Granded the same day!

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Rabbitry News:

9.17.10: Updated the Mini Rex Stock Pages (except for pictures, we still need to take those). Also updated the Show Results and Pics page. Check it out. More to come soon!