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Welcome to the Official Homepage of Hay-Mou Farms we are located up in Northern NY, about 30 minutes from the Canadian Boarder. We raise quality American Fuzzy Lops, Mini Rex and English Spot Rabbits. We also have a few Rhinelanders, Satins, American Sables & Checkered Giants. Here at Hay-Mou we also have Registered American Quarter Horses and Jersey Cows. To round out the managerie we have several breeds of poultry which include Bantam and Standard Cochins, Bantam Wyandottes, Barred Rocks, Silver Spangled Hamburgs and Coturnix Quail. To find out more about Hay-Mou Farms and what we have to offer, please direct yourself to the navigation area above. Enjoy your visit and do not hesitate to contact us with comments or questions!

We are proud members of ARBA, AFLRC, NMRRC, North Atlantic Fuzzy Lops, and the Northern Lites RBA!

We are also members of the AQHA

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01.22.2012: Its been ages since we have updated the site. Looking to change that in the future. I have condensed the Fuzzy Lop stock pages, we have had a drastic cut back in the fuzzy herd, we have less than 20 animals in the barn right now, maybe less in the near future. Added information about our current Mini Rex Juniors, just need to snap the pictures, hopefully we get a semi warm day to do so.

I hope to update the other pages for the other animals in the near future as well. Add pictures of the horses and birds. Those might be closer to Spring before they get finished but I am determined to GET THEM DONE!

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