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Here are some links worth going to. They are categorized for easier browsing.

American Rabbit Breeders Association

Northern Lites Rabbit Breeders Association
Apple Country Supply

American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit Club

Rabbit and Cavy Breeders Directory

Hobb's Habbitry- Leslie Hobbs' site for her Fuzzys and Hollands in WA
Rising Star Rabbitry- Heather Litchfield- Fuzzy Lops in MI
Golden Acre Rabbitry-Tabatha Corbin-Meeks- Fuzzy Lops in OH
Back Yard Bunny BarnHollands & Fuzzys in AR
Fluffy Meadow Rabbitry-Fuzzy Lops
Binky Tree Rabbitry-Fuzzy Lops in PA
Pate's Fuzzy Farm-Fuzzy Lops
Phatfurr Rabbitry-Fuzzy Lops
Old Orchard Rabbitry-Fuzzy Lops
Kismet Rabbitry-Fuzzy Lops in MI
Campo's Cottontails-Hollands and Fuzzys
Hidden Acres Rabbitry-Fuzzy Lops
Barbi Brown's Bunnies- Tons of good information!
Island Gem's Rabbitry-Good informational site!

Equipment & Medical Sites:

Da-Mar's Equipment Company
Evan's Software
Rabbit Medicine Chest
KV Vet Supply