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Upgrade to a New Verizon cellphone

without signing a contract for as little as $25


This is not another Scam. This is not another sales opportunity. This is inside information that can get you a cell phone for almost nothing without signing a contract. This method has been tested and works!


Verizon Wireless has has proven one thing as a national Carrier; they have many many loopholes. The reason they have so many loopholes is because they outsource much of their workstaff and don't care to follow up. This creates many opportunites for individuals like myself. I just purchased a new Samsung a670 for $45. I did not sign a contract, nor is it prepaid. I did this because I know how to work the system. Below is a list of phones I have purchased and well as fellow associates.


Samsung a650-$25

Samsung a670-$50



Motorola v710-$100

Motorola v265-$55

Audiovox 8900-$30


"I didn't believe it, but when I followed the instructions it seemed all too easy. I can't believe how many holes Verizon Wireless has. I love my new camera phone. I only payed $38.95 for it"




In order for you to get these prices you do not have to sign a contract. This information is intended to make you a smart consumer so that you can save hundreds in the long run