Trick Tips

This is the trick tip page, It will be updated regularly with more and more tricks. Keep checking it out.

The Pop-Shuvit

Place your feet in ollie position, but with the balls of your feet more in the center of the board. Pop really hard and shove the board behind you with your back foot to make it spin. Next, jump up and catch the board. Then land with your weight centered over the board.


Once again place your feet into ollie position. Pop the tail and kick your front foot away so that you flip the board with your toes, then your heel. This will make the board flip. When it's finished flipping, catch it in the air and land.

Varial Flip(180 shuvit kickflip)

For this trick you must know how to pop-shuvit and how to kickflip. You will need to put your back foot on the tail but a little more back, and your front foot(turned at a 45 degree angle in the middle of the board. Pop, but popthe way you would for a shuvit, and then kick the board liike a kickflip. Now, bring your front foot around and land on the board.

Heel-flip varial

Okay, this is a harder trick to learn. You have to know how to scoop pop. What you do is you pop like you would for a pop shuvit, but you need to shuv a lot. Now, you do this and kick out for a heel-flip at the same time. You will need to work alot to get the board to od what you want it to, but it will look cool when you do it.

360 pop-shuvit

For this trick you must know how to do pop shuv-its. Now, all you do is place your feet for a pop shuvit position, but your balls of your feet more in the middle of the board. You should at first, not pop a lot and work on the board spinning. So when you pop, you need to spin super hard to get it ot spin 360. It may be easier to do it fakie first.

Crooked Grind

This is also called a K-Grind or Pointer Grind. OKay, this trick isn't hard at all to do. But, you must know the diference between a K-grind and a Nose grind. Now, if you allready know how to do nose grinds, all you do is land in more of an angle. To do this trick, you need to come up to the rail or ledge at a 45 degree angle. Ollie and then shift your weight to the nose. Land in the K-grind position and keep your wieght balanced over the ledge. Grind forever and then put your wieght on the nose even more as you come to the end and then push your nose off and ride off.


For the kickflip, you gotta set your feet in ollie position but with the balls of your front foot at the heel-edge of your board. Pop as if to ollie. Slide your foot up the board, but then flick your foot off the edge of the board, making it spin. Quickly bring your front foot back over the board and catch it after it spins. After you get good at the kickflip, try the double kickflip (letting it spin twice under your feet).

El Nino Flip(kickflip body varial)

This trick is also called a disco flip. In order to execute the el nino flip, you gotta know how to kickflip; if not, scroll up and look at the kickflip tip. Once you learn to kickflip, you can read this. First, get in kickflip position and start to kickflip. When you kick your foot, keep your momentum going sideways till your body does a 180 while your board is flipping under your feet. Catch the board in the air and land. You have just learned yet another flip trick.

Half-Cab Noselide

You don't need to know how to do a half-cab to do this trick. But, you need to know what one is. It's going fakie and doing a 180. But for this trick ride along fakie about one boards length away from the ledge(or whatever) and pop the tail and take your front foot and guide the nose over the ledge. Slide for a bit, and then turn the board so you come out regualer. Thats what makes it a half-cab noselide you go fakie to regular, if come back out fakie its a fakie to fakie noseslide.


Now, ride along next to the ledge about one boards length away. Have your front foot on the nose right above your bolts and your back foot on the tail. If you are gonna try this on somethinf\g about 1 foot or lower you dont need to ollie very much. Lightly pop your tail and turn 90 degrees and shift your weight over your nose. Slide forever and ever until you want to come off. If you want to come off, turn out like a half-cab noseslide.


This is a easy trick to learn and once it's learned to use it on other tricks. You have to be rolling fakie, so then put your feet in ollie position. Pop hard on your tail and twist your back leg and foot around. It helps to know how to do b/s ollie 180's, but not needed. Stay above the board so you land on it. Now land and roll away.

F/S 50-50

Now, roll up f/s next to the ledge(rail, curb, etc.) at a comfortable speed, the faster you go the easier it will to get on and off. Come next to it at a 25 degree angle. Ollie and shift your trucks toland on the ledge. Grind as long as you want or to the end. To come off the end you could ollie off, or just push down on your tail and ride off. Land centered over the board.

<>Pop-shuvit F/S 50-50

OKay to do this trick, you need to know how to do pop-shuvits and 50-50's. But if you can't shuvit as high as the ledge, you don't need to worry because if you have a something to get on, it's easier to go for it. To pop shuvit higher just pop harder. Now, roll up to the ledge f/s and pop for a shuvit. Make sure the board is gonna land on the ledge and you just follow it up thier. Land like a regular 50-50.

Kickflip F/S 50-50 Stall

Learn Kickflips first. And Maybe Varials(Kickflip-shuv its) too. Now, ride up 90 degrees to the curb. Flip like you would for a backside 180 flip or a varial flip. Jump up and catch the board. Bring in down and land in 50-50 position and stall on the curb. Now, you could do anything to get off the stall, one way is to ollie 180 out, since your stalled, just do a ollie 180 off. Simple, right? Very!

Noseslide Pop shuvit out

Now, this si just like a nose slid, but you come off diferently. First slide in noseslide position for as long as you want. Now, what you want to do is push your nose out like you would to come off regular. And you need to jump and do a 90 degree body varial over the board. You should land switch, but the board came off regular. Show this one to all your friends.

Kickflip F/S Lipslide

Okay, start rolling f/s and parrallel to the curb or ledge, and start to do a varial flip, but make sure it only spins 90 degrees. Land with your back foot over the ledge. So your front foot is on your tail and your front foot is on the nose. Slide until the end or whenever you want to come off. You could either come off regular or fakie, but ether way all you have to do is turn the board and then let your body go with it.

F/S Ollie 180

Okay, now place your feet in ollie position. Pop and start to ollie. After you start to ollie and get some air, twist your upper body around. Your feet should follow with the board. Land with your wieght centered over the board. roll away.

Fakie b/s Crooked Grind

okay, now, you have to be comfortable doin some crooked grinds. After you learn those, roll fakie up to the ledge. Start to ollie and look over your sholder at the ledge(rail, curb, etc.) and make sure your front foot and the nose lands above the ledge. Now, grind as long as you can and to come off, lean back and ride off it.

Fakie 360 bigspin

Aight, this one is really just a fakie 360 shuvit wiht a f/s body varial. Now, go along fakie with your front foot above the bolts and your back foot on the tail. Pop a little bit, not much though, and spin the board alot, as it spins rotate your bady 180 degrees in the direction the board is spinning. Land with both feet over the board and with your wieght centered in the middle of the board.

360 Flip

Now, for this you need to be comfertable with 180 varial flips, and also kickflips, if you could 360 shuvit, that would be nice too. Okay, put your front foot in the middle of the board, but more to the back, with your heel off the board, and your back foot should be at the edge of your tail. Now, pop and kick with your back foot, really fast, then you need to kick down with your front foot like a kick flip. Now, you need to kind of hover over the board, making sure it flips all the way, land wiht both feet, and roll away.

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