Skate Product Reviews

All the latest skate stuff reviewed? Most likely not all, but whatever we get we will write about it and tell you whether you should run out and get it, or throw yours away.

Krux Downlows
I just bought my second pair of the Krux Downlow trucks, which was prolly a big mistake. The reason i bought the first pair was because of the king pin, which was inverted with an allen head on top. On one of my trucks, the allen head wasn’t even drilled? right, and the Krux allen wrench that came with them wouldn’t even fit into the truck. The main problem besides that with these trucks is the allen heads strip almost instantly when trying to tighten them. This is what happened with my first set and my second set. Now the trucks themselves, besides the king pin work pretty well. They grind well, and feel pretty solid for a while. What I found works really well, even though this is kinda ghetto is I just took a wrench and gripped around the whole head of the king pin and just tighten them down with that. I wouldn't recommend anyone to buy these trucks unless they know what they are doing.

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