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Spot Check: Bell South Building -- Atlanta, GA
Coming from Fort lauderdale, Florida; the spots here in Atlanta are awesome. And one of the first and still the best spot I've skated up here is the Bell South building. You should be able to see it from anywhere around downtown. Its a huge white building with Bell South in blue at the top. Its located right north of the North Ave. Marta rail station, so if your getting there by marta, just get off there. Now, besdies all the BS, this spot is really sick. There is a front part and a back part, so let me take some time to describe both to you. In the back, there is a decent amount of marble blocks, each one a little over a foot high, and maybe 3 - 4 feet long. Perfect for doing noes / tail slides, boardslides, whcihever. Pretty much any grind, and since they are in a row you can do a trick, then a flatland trick, then a trick on a ledge, and then turn around and do it again. Now, if you go down to the front part. there are a couple of 4 stairs, alot of good wall rides (one of whcih is down a nice 5 stair and is done by Alex Gall in the Habitat Video), ledges that are the same height as the blocks in the back, but maybe 10-15 feet long. (im just estimating lengths here). There is also a nice 8 stair. Its kinda hard to desrcibe everything and to have you get a good understanding of it. So here comes some pictures. Take a look, and then go skate it. There is also some good spots near by . The North Ave. Marta station has a long marble ledge thats decent to skate, and then there is another Bell South to the north that has some nice long concret ledges and some decent manuals. Maybe spot check there next time.

More Pictures of Bellsouth to come as photos are uploaded. Check back.

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