My Sad Pathetic Love Story
By: Tim Cooney
Cashed Writer

For the past year I have been involved in a serious relationship with a beautiful young lady. I myself am not the pride and joy of society but I somehow managed to meet someone so great. However the tides recently turned and my fantastic dream came to a painful stop. I met “Juanita”( I will not use her real name for national security reasons) a little more than a year ago. From the start it was great. We were always together having a grand time. Around March things began to fall apart. I no longer appreciated her for who she was for no real reason. Not until now do I fully understand how much pain and distress I placed upon her. I regret every moment of my immature behavior and wish I could change it all. But, nothing gold can stay.

We recently broke up. I did it for stupid reasons hoping that it would only be temporary. When I was ready to pull my same old meaningless “I’m sorry” she threw it back in my face. This was a real shock to me and I instantly became aware of my wrongdoings. Always treat a girl as a queen because when they are gone you will detest yourself.

Juanita and I are still friends. I wish there was more to our relationship but my fantasy will have to die.

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