This is what it says it is. There will be lots of new cd reviews to come, and were gonna review a couple of older punk cds for the new kids to learn about.

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NOFX - The War on Errorism (2003) This is the newest release from NOFX. I thought they were all done making cds, but I guess not. Somewhere on the cd they make reference to them being 40 year old punk rockers. The cd is pretty good. This cd is more political than their last one, Pump Up the Valium . Some of the songs remind me of songs from So Long and Thanks for All the Shoes. Its kinda hard to write this listening to Led Zeppelin, I should put in the cd again. One of the catchiest songs on this cd is "Franco Un-american. Its got some noise that come from some instrument which ive got no idea which it is. It gets stuck in your head really easily. But its not too bad of a song. Overall the cd is a good purchase for NOFX and punk fans.
Rancid - Indestructable (2003) I have mixed feelings about this cd as of now. Some songs I will be listening to and am like, fuck yeah, this cd rocks, "Spirit of '87" and "Roadblock" are two of these. And others will be like, eh... what is Rancid doing. There is definitly alot of different style tracks on this cd. It seems like they just made this cd with influences from all thier other cds, which i guess they did. Over all its a solid cd, nothing less than you'd expect from Rancid.