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1.30.04 Added the Record Review page, kinda weak as of now, I think theres only one cd review that I've uploaded, but check it out here . Thanks, coming soon to the website skate prody reviews, and some more random skate stuff, and as much of the zine as i can get online.

1.29.04 Welcome to the website for Cashed Zine. We are in the process of working on our first issue, but as it gets done it will put posted up here, on the web. We are still looking for contributing writers, artists, whatever you want to do, we will put it in, as long as we like it. Record Labels who want cds to be reviewed in the first issue can send them in before the 29th of February, that is our deadline for the printer.

What to look for in this zine, punk cd/record reviews, show reviews, interviews, random articles and what not, plus as much skating as we can put it. All of this centered around Atlanta, GA, where we live now. So get ready. Here is a link to our e-mail.