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neOpeTs pLacEs
-x-tHe shRinE
-x-frUit maChinE
-x-whEEl Of exCitEmenT
-x-hEaliNg spRinGs
-x-dIcae A rOO
-x-scRatcH caRd kOisk
-x-tRadiNg pOsts
-x-hIddeN tOwer


lInK bAck tO Us

sItE ruLes
1. alWays link back to us. In any way such as my little graphix banners i made (located on this page in the links section), or you can create a link your self, or put my site url under the graphic.
2. Please do not neomail me or email me with silly things like asking me to join your guild. Everyone I'm only telling you this once! I have my own guild so please do not ask me to join yours.
3. Please be kind to me and my staff. Any one found stealing my stuff will be prosicuted and will reported as well as put on my wall of shame!

wAll Of shAme
  • No one and lets please keep it that way!

    PerSonaL gRaphix reQueSt
    If you want a graphix made with you guild name on it , it will cost 400 np sent to glitter_barbie. If you are requesting a graphix not including your guild name or shop it will be free and put up on my site for everyone. Please fill out the form below and send it to my email address.

    Hey right now we are looking for some staff. Hopefully we can get some soon! Email me at this form below if you want to be a part of this staff.

    Please dont feel bad if you happen not to make it. Sometimes I will be on the guild chat room in neopets asking for more staff. If you have any question neomail me at glitter_barbie or email me at

    Hey welcome. I kinda got this site started. Im super duper excited! I think this site really has some potential! But yeah. Today my mom took me to the doctors and they said I have a serious bronchiduos. I hope it heals soon.