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In the wake of the attack against the World Trade Center and the pentagon, the mass media has done a sickening job at stirring up paranoia, fear, nationalism, xenophobia, and racist anti-Middle Eastern sentiment. It should not have to be stated that these horrendous acts of terror perpetrated are a result of United States foreign policy across the globe. According to the media and the government, when the U.S. acts to thwart "aggressors", it is deemed as a necessary countermeasure to terrorism committed against the United States. The acts against the "aggressor" nations are, in accordance with the media and the state, justifiable defense. The media acting hand in hand with the state, is dividing people along lines such as race and nation, all done with reference to the United States of America as the greatest nation on earth. The nation-state is a concept and myth invented by empires to divide working people and the poor. The nation-state is an institution capitalist society has invented to allow for the continued expropriation and plunder of unconquered lands, cultures, and people. Thus, nation-states acting in collusion with capital, fight against each other, and sometimes together when it serves a particular interest, for control of the worlds resources. In this light, the United States government's imminent act of war declared against Middle Eastern nation-states is of no surprise. The U.S. wants to maintain its hegemony at whatever the cost to human life. Just as the act of those who attacked the twin trade towers is declared an act of terror, so to is the United States complicit in acts of terror, which have been and are aided, abetted, and committed across the globe. US/NATO military campaigns and the funding of armed forces in Columbia, East Timor, the former Yugoslavia, Iraq, Somalia, and Israel (occupied Palestine) serve as just a few examples.

The media has been deliberately invoking fear and paranoia towards people who are of Middle Eastern descent. The media, in an attempt to promote antagonism between races, fabricated the story that Palestinians were celebrating the attack against the twin trade towers. In reality, Palestinians were celebrating the withdrawal of the Israeli army from the Palestinian city Jenin. The media uses any situation to its advantage in order to sell papers and to shape the ideas of the public. As you will notice the media, with its big bold headlines, flashy photographs and images, and sensational one-line slogans, is not concerned with spreading ideas or encouraging critical thought, but in creating mass compliance. This mass compliance is expressed in the flag-wavings across cities in the United States, a reliance on leaders for answers, and the inevitable U.S. civilian support of U.S./NATO "retaliation". When community has been destroyed, individuals look towards the nation-state and leaders rather than trusting their own ideas to allow them to examine situations. In the absence of community people seek a false community through identification with nation-states, capitalist consumerism, and a generalized false sense of identity. This in turn, causes individuals to act in irrational ways. A hostility towards those who dare challenge a false identification with nation-states is frequently witnessed. Ideas contrary to those set forth are met with suspicion, fear, and hatred. A reaction rather than an expression of one's ideas is exhibited. Terror enters the lives of the poor and the working class, in the U.S. and internationally, daily. To speak of one isolated day of terror is to ignore the gravity of the situation. Capital and the state are built upon terror. The military, work, police, the judicial system, and prisons are all manifestations of capital and the states' everyday reign of terror upon poor, working class, and otherwise excluded people. The bond of the nation-state gives a sense of identity to those without community or deep connections with individuals. The nation-state creates the illusion that there is something to live for in our meaningless everyday lives of wage slavery, poverty, depression, and generalized terror. But the only true, and therefore genuine means of coming together is in defiance against all forms of nationalism and terror. Until we (the excluded of all nation-states) start living our lives for ourselves in revolt, we are doomed to be at the mercy of those, internationally and domestically, who profit off our toil, expendability, vulnerability, and depression.

Against all nation-states, capital, terrorism, and imperialism

For international revolution

Black Star North

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