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4/03/04 Hi, my name is Corey, age 17 and I go to Dover Area High School. What great fun. No not really. This is just an introduction about me. I'm not getting all detailed about me. Want to know about me email me at dvtrack86.. This is my AIM adress My hobbies and interests are snowboarding, going to the mall, biking, track-of course I'm Fast! Varsity runner this year. Ah, yes, going to the mall is something I do every weekend. Hey might as well everyone else that I know goes there. My friends-mostly anyone that goes to Dover High. Other people that I know are from the mall or some other school that I used to go to. I'm definitely greatful for my one friend Kyle Shultz. He's like seriously done almost everything for me. Yo Kyle thanx for bein there. Cody- your a great friend, someone who I can talk to when in need. Only one of the best DDR's that I know. Really though I think I better quit playing DDR just because that my feet really really hurt a lot and I need them for track. It's funny I just know like everyone literally. Heh I met this one bangin girl at the mall last night, damn yo she's hot. Heh hope to get wit her eventually. What else can I say? I work at Friendlys out on west market street. I'm gettin like 6.30 an hour which I guess isn't really too bad. The other day in school I almost got kicked off the computer just for playing a game when there was nothing else to do. Think about it, when all the work is finished what else do you do? Just sit there like a complete moron? No F**** way. I almost flipped out on my teacher for doing that. Yea today I'm at my friends house Doug, who lives in suburban school district. Yup him and a couple of friends had band practice since like 8:30 this morning which of course woke me up. I was up about 7:30 and i never get up that early on a weekend. Tomorrow I am definitely just going to sleep in. Tonight I'm going with my friend from Dallastown. Who knows what we will be doing. Probably stay out late until like 11 o clock. Yea that should be fun. As for me right now, I'm just sitting here waiting to leave and playng Final Fantasy X-2. The game kind of sux. Anyway.. well I'm out. Bye