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Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 245 pounds
From: Blackpool, England
Finishing move: The Regal Stretch
Career Highlights: Intercontinental Champion; European Champion (2); WWE Commissioner; Alliance Commissioner; WCW Television Champion (4)

When William Regal joined WWE in September 2000, he came as a goodwill ambassador from his homeland of Great Britain. He wanted to show Americans how to act like upstanding citizens, and he let everyone know how appalled he was at the low level of class Americans displayed.

In March 2001, his goodwill won over Mr. McMahon, and Regal was handed the title of WWE Commissioner.

For months, with his houseboy Tajiri as his loyal servant, Commissioner Regal won over the fans by being a leader for WWE against the Alliance.

However, in October 2001, Regal decided to turn his back on WWE, and he joined the Alliance. Linda McMahon decided to immediately fire Regal as WWE Commissioner, and, in turn, Shane and Stephanie crowned Regal as the first-ever commissioner of the Alliance.

However, after the fall of the Alliance at Survivor Series 2001, Regal did the unthinkable. He kissed Mr. McMahon's naked backside on national television to get his job back!

Fans still laugh at recalling Regal's humiliation at the hands of WWE owner. But Regal's in-ring success is no laughing matter. The U.K. native is a multi-time champion, and possesses one of the most painfaul maneuvers in the mat game today -- the Regal stretch.