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Trysta Allan

People Mentioned: Women in battle royal People used: Trysta Allan, fan #1 Current Record: 0-0-0 Disclaimer: I own Trysta Allan, but  I don't own SR-71 or any other character

{The crowd is bored, their awaiting Friday Night Fear, many great matches on Friday night fear and the crowd is bored? Why? Because they haven't seen their favorite superstar! Trysta Allan, the shining star in a crowd of dimmed stars. Finally, "Politically Correct" by SR-71 hits and the lights dim, a blue light shines on the top of the ramp, a tall, graceful female walks out from backstage and looks around. Blue is definitely her color. She's dressed in a black halter top with black shorts and clear high heeled shoes. Her hair is loose and she's wearing her sun glasses. She places her sunglasses on her head and walks down the ramp, the crowd is chanting loudly "Trysta, Trysta!" She grins and signs a few autographs then climbs the steel steps and gets into the ring. She asks for a mic and gets it. SR-71 fades away and she begins to speak.}

*~Tantalizing Trysta Allan~*: How are all of you tonight? I know I know, I'm sorry I should've been here a lot sooner, I'm really sorry you all had to sit through horrible promos by those other women, but I'm here to save the day so don't worry about anything. And not only will I save you from their horrible promo's I'll also be here and I'll win the women's championship tonight. How does that sound?

{The crowd cheers and Trysta smiles happily}

*~Tantalizing Trysta Allan~*: I'm glad you're all happy to hear that I'll be women's champion. But before I begin to talk about how much I love all you guys and girls, I have to talk about my opponents. First on my list. Stephanie, you may think you deserve the women's championship but I've got news for you, you don't. Maybe before EWF reopened you were huge, but not anymore honey, and ya know why? Because I'm here, and you may be a super star and all, but your star is dimming as mine is shining. Just don't be jealous cause your just a dyme and I'm a silver dollar okay?

{Crowd cheers again at Trysta's clever insult}

*~Tantalizing Trysta Allan~*: You guys like that line? Great! Now as for Stacy Keibler, the leggy diva, I think you have potential but your not beating me, its as simple as that. You come out here with your one liners expecting to prove something, well you haven't proved a damn thing to me or anyone else in this federation, at least I see it that way. Now you may think I'm crazy or that I have issues for insulting you like that but guess what Stacy, I don't have issues, I am an issue. And everyone loves to read it.

{Crowd cheers again and Trysta laughs}

*~Tantalizing Trysta Allan~*: You guys like that one too? I'm on a roll tonight. Now onto the one person who may be some kind of competition. Trish Stratus. A two time WWE Women's champion. Trish, I respect you and I understand where you're coming from but lets get one thing straight, only one person can walk out with the women's title and tonight, that person is me. You gave each and everyone a message, now if you weren't worried about them in the match why waste your breath? Especially if they hadn't said anything. I know I wouldn't. Their not worth my time and probably not even yours. But then you wanna say I'm gonna be one of the first to go? Sorry Trish, but you're wrong. I'm gonna be the winner tonight, just you wait and see. And you know why I'll win? Simply because its time for a new girl to step up to the plate and show the world what she's made of. Soon everyone will be forgetting all about Trish Stratus and they'll focus their attention on me, Trysta Allan. Like it? No? Too bad, thats the way it's gonna be. All the women in this competition listen up. You're all going down and I'm walking out women's champion. Just remember this, I'm a star, and you're not, so get used to it.

{The crowd cheers and Trysta's music hits and she goes backstage. Once backstage a few fans who snuck into the backstage area ask for her autograph and she signs it for them}

Fan one: Are you really gonna be women's champion?

*~Tantalizing Trysta Allan~*: Of course, Trish, Lita, Stephanie, Debra, Stacy, Logan or me?

Fan one: You of course.

*~Tantalizing Trysta Allan~*: Exactly, don't ever doubt me kid, I'm a woman of my word, my word is that tonight I'm walking out women's champion. Now if you don't mind, I have a few things to do before my match.

{She pulls out her cell phone, begins talking to her agent and goes into her locker room as the scene ends}