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Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 240 pounds
From: Red Hook district of Brooklyn, N.Y.
Favorite Quote: "The mood is about to change"
Finishing move: Tazzmission
Career Highlights: Hardcore Champion (3); World Wrestling Tag Team Champion (with Spike Dudley); ECW World Heavyweight Champion (2); ECW Television Champion (2); ECW Tag Team Champion (3)

Hailing from the Red Hook section of Brooklyn, N.Y., Tazz is as tough as they come.

The former multi-time ECW Champion made his WWE debut in grand style at the 2000 Royal Rumble at Madison Square Garden. Tazz brought his hometown fans to their feet by choking out Kurt Angle, ending Angle's months-long undefeated streak!

Since then, Tazz has shown his toughness. He's also showed off his personality, acting as a commentator for SmackDown! and HEAT. He's also showed off his wrestling knowledge, having been a trainer on the first season of Tough Enough.

Currently, Tazz acts as color commentator next to play-by-play man Michael Cole on UPN's SmackDown! every Thursday!