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Career Highlights: Tough Enough Champion; Hardcore Champion (3)

It took Maven more than three months of sweat and pain to become the first winner of WWE's Tough Enough competition. But the first six weeks of 2002 have seen WWE's newest superstar soar to heights he never dreamed of.

During an episode of SmackDown!, Maven earned his first piece of WWE gold by upsetting the Undertaker and winning the Hardcore Championship! Mavenís run began with an eye-opening appearance in the Royal Rumble Match where he eliminated the Undertaker. When fans complained about the Undertaker returning the favor, Maven found himself pushed into a match against Chris Jericho for the Undisputed Championship on RAW.

The ever-modest Maven said that even though he came up short against Y2J, just the fact that he was given a chance to compete with the champ was a huge honor. "All titles aside, just being in the ring, itís all unbelievable," he said. "Itís kind of like blowing into a balloon. Each time you go out there it keeps getting bigger and bigger."

While circumstances lately allowed Maven to get the title shot against the Undertaker, it was becoming the Tough Enough Champion that paved the way for all of Mavenís future triumphs. Now that he has his foot in the door, the young superstar is ready to make the most of his World Wrestling career. "I love every aspect of this business," he said. "This is gonna be nothing but fun."