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Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 380 pounds
From: Silsbee, Texas
Career Highlights: European Champion

Mark Henry has never lacked charisma. He was blessed with a smile that could light up a sold-out arena and a personality that made a love affair with a 70-something woman seem believable. It has instead been physical issues that have hampered Henry's climb up the proverbial ladder in sports entertainment. The man known as "Sexual Chocolate" admits that he wasn't always focused on working out and eating properly.

The World Wrestling took steps to rectify the problem in the spring of 2000, sending Henry to the company's talent development organization, Ohio Valley Wrestling in Louisville, Ky. He was told to improve his condition and his in-ring skill, and as the months have gone by, Henry has reportedly improved in all areas.

Henry has been billed as the World's Strongest Man since making his World Wrestling debut in 1996. But now when that impressive moniker is thrown his way, he can steal a catchphrase from another World Wrestling Olympian and say, "Oh, it's true. It's damn true."

In Feb. 2002, Henry took on perhaps the greatest field of professional strongmen and powerlifters ever assembled at Arnold Strongman Challenge in Columbus, Ohio, and beat them all. By winning the Arnold Strongman Challenge -- part of Arnold Schwarzenegger's huge annual Arnold Classic Fitness Expo -- Henry may have kicked his long-running quest to return to  television glory into overdrive.