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Little Things

by Good Charlotte


Yeah this song is dedicated (this is good charlotte)

To every kid who ever got picked last in gym class (you know what I'm saying this is for you)

To every kid who never had no date to no school dance (This is for you)

To everyone who's ever been called a freak (ya'll know what I'm saying) this is for you (what)

What Here we Here we go yeah what c'mon yeah what c'mon c'mon c'mon Here we go

Oh (c'mon) Oh (lets do this) here we go

Like the time in school when we got free lunch, And the cool kids beat us up (reduced lunch)

And the rich kids had convertibles, and we had to ride the bus (55)

Like the time we made the baseball team, but they still laughed at us (you still suck!)

Like the time that girl broke up with me, Cause I wasn't cool enough (TRICK!!)

Things...Things...Here we go


The little things, little things, they always hang around, the little things, little things, they try to break me down, The little things, little things, they just wont go away, the little things, little things made me who I am today


You wanna hate me now, but I won't stop know cause I can't stop now

yeah what c'mon what yeah what c'mon c'mon c'mon Here we go

Like the time mom went to that institute cause she was breaking down (I just cant take it)

Like the car we had that wouldn't start we had to walk to get around (can I get a ride)

And that same year on Christmas Eve, Dad went to the store (Uhh...see you guys later)

We checked his room, his things were gone, we didn't see him no more (DICK!!)

Things...Things...Here we go



what what what Here we go...

Little Things (15x)

Here we go


And it always seems those little things, they biggest part of me, break down, I'm breaking down, I'm breaking down