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From: Detroit
Career Highlights: Former head of WCW  

Very few people can say that they once got the best of Vince McMahon, but Eric Bischoff is one of those people.

As the former top man in Ted Turner's WCW, Bischoff helped revolutionize sports-entertainment and came close to single-handedly putting WWE out of business. Bischoff made it his mission to make sure that his company surpassed Vince McMahon's in every way. First, "The Bisch" lured away WWE's top stars like Hulk Hogan. Then he turned up the heat even more by revealing RAW results on Nitro and even coerced a WWE Women's Champion to dump the title into a trash can during another live broadcast! Stunts like these began the Monday Night Wars that saw WCW's Monday Nitro top RAW in the ratings for 84-straight weeks.

Eventually, WWE would win the Monday Night Wars and purchase WCW, but Bischoff's tactics made an impression on Mr. McMahon. Bischoff's ruthless aggression made him Vince's choice to serve as General Manager of RAW. Bischoff accepted, and promised to put the "E" back in WWE.