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Height: 6' 6"
Weight: 265 pounds
From: San Diego, Calif.
 Finishing move: Superkick
Career Highlights: World Wrestling Tag Team Champion (2, current); WCW Tag Team Champion (3)

Chuck teams up with Billy. And he really seems to like his tag team partner. A lot. And it's obvious why: Billy is a nine-time World Wrestling Tag Team Champion.

When Chuck stepped in the ring for a mixed tag team match, Trish Stratus trapped him in the corner and pummeled him. Chuck looked disgusted by the whole thing, especially when Trish's crotch area found its way into Chuck's face. It kind of makes you wonder if he's -- well, you know -- already in a relationship.

One thing that is unquestionable is Chuck's potential, and his athletic ability. He was offered a training contract by World Championship Wrestling -- then owned by Time Warner -- in April 1999, just six months after he first stepped foot into a wrestling ring. Normally, competitors are told to compete on independent circuits for at least three to five years before a major sports-entertainment company will even consider them.

On May 31, 2000, Palumbo teamed with another young star, Shawn Stasiak, to capture the WCW Tag Team Championship -- an accomplishment that's virtually unheard of for a competitor with less than two years experience. By the time the World Wrestling acquired WCW in March 2001, Palumbo was a three-time WCW Tag Team Champion -- having won the title twice with Stasiak, and once with Sean O'Haire.

Now Palumbo looks to capture his first WWE Tag Team Championship with his partner, Billy. You know Billy -- he's the one with the matching headband.