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Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 295 pounds

At 6-foot-4, 295 pounds, Lesnar is a rock-solid mountain of chiseled muscle, a superstar who is seemingly destined to accomplish great things in WWE.

Lesnar has already made an impact in the amateur sporting world. Lesnar, 24, become an NJCAA Champion in 1998. He transferred to the University of Minnesota and promptly won the Big 10 Championship, but was a runner-up in the NCAA Tournament. He capped off his senior season by again winning the Big 10 Championship and then securing the NCAA heavyweight title. In 2000, Lesnar signed a developmental contract with WWE and began to learn the professional game at Ohio Valley Wrestling in Louisville, Ky. In doing so, he turned down opportunities to try out with several NFL teams.

As if growing up working on a farm wasn't good enough to build his frame, Lesnar said he picked up an avid interest in weightlifting and bodybuilding by the time he was in fifth grade. Now, with Paul Heyman on his side, he'll attempt to bring all his tools together and dominate WWE.

At Summerslam, he gets a shot for the Undisputed title