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August 26, 2002

    So not everything turned out the way I had hoped, but that's okay. Right? Wrong. I set myself up for disappointment. Maybe I tried too hard. But before I get into Saturday lets talk about Friday.

    Friday was fine, we made some plans for the movies and stuff but nothing for sure. When my dad came home he was in a pissy mood. I was cleaning my room and my sister comes in and tells me to come downstairs cause now we have to clean downstairs cause my dad got mad and threw things around. I don't know what his problem is. He just sometimes is in a bad mood for no reason. Mood swings I guess. But I had when he does it. Cause I'm stuck taking all his shit. He talks about how I can't go into the Navy cause I have to take orders and all the shit they throw at me, well after living in this house, I'm sure I'll be able to handle it.

    The next day his mood carried over. Saturday he was in a bad mood also. I tried to be nice and make him happy, ya know, do what he wanted, play games with him but no. It didn't help, we had to clean. Then he got mad cause I need a few bucks for the movies and my mom took the money from him and gave it to me. Then I went do Danielle's. From there we went to Aaron's. Aaron is Danielle's boyfriend, we hung around there for a little bit and then Kevin came and picked us up and his dad (who plays sax on David Letterman) drove us to the mall. We got there and walked around for a bit, now the mall isn't that big so it quickly got boring. We ended up splitting up a few times, once me and Danielle went one way and Kevin and Aaron went the other. Then later me and Kevin went one way and Danielle and Aaron went another. I wonder if Danielle had that planned...hmm..

    Well after being around the mall for two hours we went and got the tickets for the movie, we saw goldmember, I'd already seen it three times. I didn't want to pay too much attention to the movie but I did. I had nothing else to do. Now right here most people will be like "you had a guy with you, make out with him". Well that didn't happen, he didn't seem interested. Well actually its kind of weird cause we were sitting there and he puts his sweat shirt over his shoulder and he's like "if you get tired" so I said fine whatever, didn't care right? So we're sitting there and I started dozing off, so I took him up on his offer. And a little bit later we held hands. Seems nice. So we're sitting there and he starts to put his hand on my leg, I didn't really care, I'm all like "okay whatever". So he kept like looking over at me and I looked over at him too but he never like leaned in to kiss me. Now most guys would just to get some action right? Well he didn't. So the movie ends and we're still sitting there, so I was telling him its over and stuff but he kept sitting there like not moving and he kept leaning to my side. Finally he got up and we walked out still close and then he went to play a game and that was the closest we got then he was all distant once we got near Danielle and Aaron. So of course I start to feel rejected but I don't tell anyone. I told Danielle that I did like him and she asked him but I dont know what he said. He probably said no seeing as how he's obsessed with one of Danielle's other friends...Samantha. Now, Kevin is 16 and Samantha is 12 and I'm 15...which makes more sense...anyway so we got home and I was tired so I went to bed.

    This brings me to Sunday. Danielle tells me that Kevin is being a "giant penis". So I was like "okay this i have to hear". She tells me that he said I was all over him and he was upset cause Danielle didn't bring Samantha and then they started yelling and arguing with Kevin and then Danielle asked what was wrong with me and he didn't say anything (I personally, can think of a million things wrong with me). So obviously nothing is going to come of that. Which sucks because on Saturday I thought he was a cool guy whether I would've went out with him or not but to be obsessed with someone young the way he is is just kinda scary. And Danielle did see the PPV at my house which was cool and tonight, we're going to Raw!! Well, thats it for now, I'll write when I get a chance.