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My Favorite Web Sites

not that bad actually.
blog page... vent if you want.
actual homepage (under costruction

this site is actually more of a self help site, for those in recovery. Inspirational stories and links, and that crap. go nuts!

This is the Link to get into my Ana Mia pages. Please read the disclaimer I wrote before entering


This page is sort of just my intro page, not a homepage. I plan to use it to introduce myself. My name is Manda, but I prefer Pixie or just Pix. It's a nickname some friends gave me, why? You don' need to know and I don't have to tell. I'm 17 and from Cicero, IL, again, you don't need to know anyhting else. I go the notorious (and actually known in a bad way) Morton East High School. I'm a senior there and I only have two classes during the day, and since I now have so much free time I decided to make a website.

I am dedicating the majority of my website to music, I myself am a basssit (though I don't have a band at the moment)and think of little other than rock and politics. And that is the other half of my website. I have chosen to devote part of the site to political news as well, and though I sound like a fucking nerd saying this, we as the teens need to keep up with politics. Me? I like to twist words, and start arguments about stuff related to politics. And I usually win because the other kids have no idea about what is going on in todays worlds. So there will be plenty of articles and stuff up eventually, so there will be plenty to argue about.

well, I'm done here. The site may seem a little hard to navigate, I'm still working on links and buttons and stuff so... PUDDING?!?! Unhand my pudding fiend........

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