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Jarell Damonte Houston

Boog's favorite bands: IMX

Top 5 CDs are: Musiq, J.Lo, Snoop Dogg, Jay Z, B2K

What he does for fun in his off time: Basketball, Playstation 2, Wrestling

These artist inspired him: IMX and Michael Jackson

Boog's favorite hobbies are: Collecting Sports Cards and Playing Video Games

These artist have made a difference to him and he would like to work with them musically: Michael Jackson and Boyz II Men

Full Name: Jarell Damonte Houston

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Birthday: August 11, 1985

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Siblings (names): Terrance, Nia

Artists Nickname(s): JBoog

Favorite Food: Jambalaya, Fried Chicken, Gumbo

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Hobby: Collecting Sports Cards

Favorite Actor: Jennifer Lopez

Favorite Movie: Grease, Temptations

Favorite Sports: Football

Favorite Team(s): Philadelphia 76ers (basketball)

Favorite Clothing Designer: Ecko

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Origins of nick name: "My name comes from my dancing. My grandmother used to call me Boogie. I would always dance around the house. And the J comes from my first name Jarell."

Style Vibe: "Sporty, laid-back."

Free Time Fun: "I like professional wrestling. I try to do the moves and I like to play football and basketball."

What He Likes in a Girl: "To be real playful. Someone I could run around with who's into sports. And she's gotta be someone who would be with me not because I'm in this group, but who likes me for me."

If I Were An Animal: "I'd be a lion,. like my sign, because I like to control things."

Favorite TV Show: The Simpsons

Professional goal: "To really just reach to the highest peak we can and have longevity and just make music that we love. We make music we feel in out hearts."

Personal goal: "To go to college when I am 18 and get a medical degree. I want to be a doctor that cuts people open and takes out their guts. Ha-ha!"