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Wednesday, 25 February 2009
Rep Davis denies dad nurturing father quote, but well... she said it.

Last night I received a video from reporter Sarah Hollenback that shows her interview with Rep Davis.

But first off, my thanks to the dozens of e-mails the readers  sent to Cynthia Davis and reporter Sarah Hollenback of KOMU TV in response to her story about a new bill offering $600 a year to moms but not at-home dads. No doubt the story has hit a nerve. Please send any future emails to Rep Cynthia Davis so we can put  more pressure on her to change the language of this bill to include at-home dads.  If anyone knows other officials that need to be contacted about this please let me know

Now about the video below..

Ms Davis has replied to one of the dads who asked her to "Please let people know you could not possibly mean to exclude fathers as nurturing parents." 

Here is Ms Davis's response

I will have a talk or a letter to the editor. This I noticed that the comment about nurturers was not in quotation marks. I can assure you that I would never say such a thing especially since I am married to one of the most marvelous men in the country. He is the one who is picking up the slack at home with our children while I am at the Capitol.

I also appreciate the civil discourse which is far more helpful than some of te disparaging remarks others are making based off an editorial. Thank you for being a great dad to your children. Please let me know if you need anything else.


Representative Cynthia Davis

Last night the reporter Ms Hollenbeck sent me the entire interview on video last night and it is now posted on the TV's site.  Below is a short except from the six minute interview with her answer to the question of why at-home dads are excluded from the bill. I will let you judge for yourself. Stay tuned...

Posted by athomedad at 10:11 AM EST
Updated: Wednesday, 25 February 2009 11:03 AM EST
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Wednesday, 25 February 2009 - 12:18 PM EST

Name: "angela"

Dave Sez to at-home dad.. be a man and go back to work

I just came across this website while looking for playgroups for my daughter and her SAHD (he's not motivated to socialize, but she is)... and I LOVE IT!!  He's a great dad - she is 13 months and is SOO confident, sweet, loving, and tough.  I love your articles and think that rep Davis is crazy... but I just need to comment here...

 I'm obviously all for dads as primary caregivers (and other members of my family have this same arrangement).  However, this woman who posted the question (not knowing any more about her personal circumstances than what is posted) seems like she is not happy with the 'arrangement'.  She makes $30k a year and her husband's reason for not working is NOT that they both sat down together and decided that HE was the best option for the family - ie, that he would not be able to make more/same while she stayed at home, or that she would prefer to work and he would prefer to be with the kids, etc... it seems the decision has been forced on the woman.  Okay, he could have replied a little  more PC, and I don't even know who he is to know what his public persona is like, but I definitely see what he was TRYING to say - he could have added that when it makes sense and is agreed upon by both parties, it is what's best. 

Wednesday, 25 February 2009 - 12:55 PM EST

Name: "Brian"
Home Page:

Finally I know why I suck so much at raising my kids! I'm not a nurturer. Oh well, I can't say I didn't try...

 Must find a Real Job now. Perhaps while I'm out looking for it, a woman will stop by to nuture my three girls for me. Goodness knows they've lacked that these long eight years.

Monday, 8 June 2009 - 1:36 AM EDT

Name: "Fathers Day Quotes"
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