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Jerry Andrew DeMartile

E-Mail: Asmbandits2006@yahoo

Age: 22
201 Hermosa
Vallejo, California 94572
Cellular (925) 497-3039

Qualification Highlights

Low Voltage
During my time with Sound Vision I acquired much knowledge and many skills that involve low voltage wiring such as cable and satellite feeds, home networking and security, and home automation such as lighting control, window shades and home audio and video. I am also very involved in computers and home theater where different methods of control like crestron were applied..

I have extensive experience with computers both PC and MAC. I can understand and operate any program/software, and can do pretty much anything asked of me with a computer.. My major skills are system design, hardware installation, digital artwork and web promotions such as banners and animated artwork, digital video production and editing and web design, along with website management and major Ebay selling experience with a 100% positive feedback rating.

Learned a skilled trade in a company with large growth and many custom jobs where skill and experience were very important. Built face frame and euro style cabinets, offices and entertainment centers and installed everything.

Finish Work
Opened and managed a finish shop for my step father's cabinet shop to take on the task of spraying stains and finish on the cabinets after assembly. I have experience with Spray equipment and also small business management from this task.

Purchasing and Management
Worked for a large private contractor In the bay area where I was assistant manager of the tool and supply room where I had such duties as making contacts with company around the area, Purchasing tools, materials and supply's for the workers in the field. I also was in charge of alot of heavy equipment such as lifts, tractors, pump trucks, forklifts, cutters etc.

Glass etching and artwork
Worked for a company that specialized in fine wins from the Napa valley, where we designed labels and printed and etched our artwork into valued bottles for the wineries and also did custom artwork on some bottles which were then sold at auction.

Automotive and Mechanical
Worked at automotive shops and small engine and equipment shops where I worked on everything from chain saws to diesel pump trucks. Also was around my fathers auto body shop most of the time growing up where I restored many cars, bikes and trucks.


Low Voltage Engineer, September 2005 - March 2006 Sound Vision, United States of America, Marin, CA

Sound vision was ranked 3rd out of the nation by members of Cedia for there involvement in the low voltage industry.

Cabinet builder/finisher and installer, January 2005 - October 2005 Hendrickson Custom Woodwork, United States of America, Antioch, CA

Tool room assistant manager, May 2003 - September 2004 Galletti and Sons private contracting, United States of America, Martinez, CA

Glass Etcher, August 2002 - June 2003 Corporate Vintages, United States of America, Concord, CA

Mechanic, October 2000 - June 2001 Rodeo Small Engine, United States of America, Rodeo, CA


To obtain a full time position In a company with the chance to grow and earn a reasonable income and benefits.


High School, High School, John Swett High, June 2001
Graduated and majored in both wood and metal shop, and also was a teachers aid in my digital art class.