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Okay, so now that's out of the way, I've tried just hard enough to put up some dead links, and then heroically given up.

If you want to read stories, go to the obvious STORY link below, but not right now.

Near it you will notice a link called ARTWORK. This contains some pictures owned by global corporations which I am allowed to use because they do not know of my existence. Luckily I am in Australia and if any MegaCorps attempt to use their puppet nation's military to obliterate me, I can rest assured that they will probably attack some other nondescript nation by mistake (dramatized here)

Oh yeah, the art link will also contain art by myself and my friends, who are in various states of Attending Art College or Terminal Wank Expressiveness. Sometimes both.

MOVIE REVIEWS will also be available as it is supremely enjoyable to tear bits off something crap that cost some poor fools bazillions of dollars to make. There may be reviews of stuff that rules, but don't count on it.