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Nikki and Niko's Homepage for Heartaches

Nikki and Niko's Homepage For Heartaches

Jeremy's Death
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Hello everyone. This is a very sad issue of Homepage for Heartaches. It is about one of my (Nikki) very good friends that is going through a very rough time right now.

Jenna had a boyfriend named Jeremy. His nickname was Jerry. He was one of the HOTTEST guys I have ever seen. Jeremy was only 16 years old when he had his trajic death. Curious yet? Well you see, Jerry was unlike any guy around here. He was suffering from manic depression and he was very unstable. Jenna was doing her best to support him and keep him from "falling off the edge." She went to school one day and an old friend of hers came back from France where he had been for the last six years!! As soon as she saw him, she jumped up and kissed him on the cheek. Her friend, Mike picked her up and spun her around and she caught a glimpse of Jerry. She saw tears welling up in his eyes because he didn't know who Mike was. He turned around and ran away as fast as he could. Jenna tried to catch up with him but she wasn't sure if she would make it in time.

As she got to him house she saw him laying on him porch, curled up in a ball, crying. She said "Baby, what's wrong?" He whispered, "How could you do that to me?" He didn't say anything more. Jenna started to panic and she rolled him over to see him covered in blood. He had slit his wrists........... and his throat. She dropped down on her knees and went into shock. She wouldn't talk for days except she would mumble "It's all my fault."

They had to put Jenna in therapy because she was going into depression. The last month or so she has been fine. We had a big gathering with white candles to support suicide prevention. So if you are thinking about suicide, think about everyone that will be hurt before you do it. As much as you think you are unloved or whatnot..... you are. You may mean nothing to the world, but to someone, you mean the world. If you need to talk about something please contact us. You can email us at:

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